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NOTE: If you are using Safari or Internet Explorer please right-click on that link (or Control + left-click) to download the file.

The Webex Player is required to view multimedia recordings offered in WRF format. Your browser should install the player automatically if you view the recording online, although it might insist that you approve the installation.

If you download WRF (multimedia) recording and have difficulty playing it back locally, then you should manually install the WebEx player. To do so, click here.

If you download FLV recording (Flash Video File), you should manually install an appropiate medial player that plays FLV files. The best (and free) solution for playing FLV files is a program called VLC Player. You can also use FLV Codec Plugin. The Play FLV codec is not a stand-alone FLV Video Player but it does give your installation of Windows Media Player the ability to play FLV files by installing a codec. The Plugin Codec is an installation package that enables Windows Media Player to play FLV (Flash Video) files.