242 Symposium--Emission of Regulated and Greenhouse Gases: Measurement Technology, Monitoring and Policy: I

Oral Session
S01 Soil Physics This session focuses on measuring and monitoring regulated and greenhouse gasses (RGHG) and the policies that are and will be driving agricultural management of these gasses. State-of-the-art gas measurement and monitoring technologies may be discussed along with data analysis techniques and estimation approaches of RGHG emission rates from various sources. Appropriate policy development needs reliable and representative gas emissions data. More research is needed in this regard. Contributions are encouraged that focus on major contributing RGHG emission sources (e.g., CAFO’s, large-scale application of N-based fertilizers, rice production).


Soil Physics, Soil & Water Management & Conservation, Soils & Environmental Quality
Tuesday, October 18, 2011: 8:00 AM-11:45 AM
Henry Gonzalez Convention Center, Room 207A

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Scott B. Jones , Markus Tuller and Raymond Knighton
Markus Tuller , Scott B. Jones and Raymond Knighton
8:05 AM
Nitrous Oxide (N2O) Emisisons On Conversion of Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) Land to Biofuel Crops Under till and No-till Practices.
Leilei Ruan, W. K Kellogg Biological Station and Crop & Soil Sciences; G. Philip Robertson, W. K Kellogg Biological Station and Dept. of Crop & Soil Sciences
8:20 AM
8:40 AM
Platform for Regulating Gas Emissions: Predicting Soil-Gas Diffusivity Across Soil Texture, Organic Matter, Aggregation, Compaction, and Moisture.
Per Moldrup, Aalborg University; Deepagoda Thuduwe Kelum Chamindu, Aalborg University; Lis de Jonge, Aarhus University; Shoichiro Hamamoto, Saitama University; Ken Kawamoto, Saitama University; Toshiko Komatsu, Saitama Univ.; Dennis Rolston, University of California-Davis
9:00 AM
Strategies to Reduce N2O Emissions From Cropland Ecosystems: Technology, Monitoring and Policy.
Charles W. Rice, Kansas State University; Miguel Arango, Kansas State University; Andrew McGowan, Kansas State University; William Salas, Applied GeoSolutions LLC; Changsheng Li, University of New Hampshire
9:20 AM
Metal Oxide Gas Sensors for Monitoring Regulated and Greenhouse Gas Fluxes From Manure Sources.
Pakorn Sutitarnnontr, Utah State University; Markus Tuller, University of Arizona; Scott B. Jones, Utah State University
9:35 AM
10:05 AM
Quantifying Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Benefits for Sustainable Land Management Projects In Developing Countries.
Keith Paustian, Colorado State University; Eleanor Milne, Colorado State University; Mark Easter, Colorado State University; Melannie Hartmann, Colorado State University; Brady Huskey, Colorado State University; Kris Peterson, Colorado State University; Amy Swan, Colorado State University
10:45 AM
Long-Term Rice Rotation and Tillage Effects On Soil Surface CO2 Flux.
Jill M. Motschenbacher, University of Arkansas; Kristofor R. Brye, University of Arkansas; Merle M. Anders, University of Arkansas; Edward E. Gbur, University of Arkansas
11:15 AM
Quantification and Monitoring of Gas Emission From Agricultural Sources: Measurement Technology and Limitations.
Esther Babcock, University of Arizona; Markus Tuller, University of Arizona; Scott B. Jones, Utah State University
11:45 AM
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