28 Symposium--Progress In Transformation for Physiological Traits Related to Tolerance to Environmental Stresses

Oral Session
C02 Crop Physiology and Metabolism This session will present the progress on improvement of physiological characteristics of tolerance to environmental stresses through genetic transformations. This will give an opportunity for 'crops people' to learn about improvements in heat and drought tolerance that they may not be aware of because the papers are not usually published in agricultural journals. It will also give an opportunity to compare transgenics with conventional breeding and whole genome (genome-wide) selection and complement well with a C-1 proposed symposia on “Breeding for Global Climatic Change” and “Genomic selection based on high density marker genotypes”.


C01 Crop Breeding & Genetics, C04 Seed Physiology, Production & Technology, C07 Genomics, Molecular Genetics & Biotechnology, C08 Plant Genetic Resources
Sunday, October 16, 2011: 3:00 PM-5:15 PM
Henry Gonzalez Convention Center, Room 214C

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Maria Balota , Tara VanToai and Jeffrey White
3:25 PM
Transgenic Approaches to Drought Tolerance In Maize.
David C. Warner, Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc.; Mark Cooper, Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc.; Jeffrey Habben, Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc.; Honor Lafitte, Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc.; Carlos Messina, Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc.; Jeffrey Schussler, Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc.; Robert Williams, Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc.; Thomas Greene, Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc.
4:25 PM
Genetic Analyses of CBF Copy Number Variation In the Triticeae.
Eric J. Stockinger, The Ohio State University/OARDC; Taniya Dhillon, The Ohio State University/OARDC
5:05 PM
5:15 PM