388 Symposium-- Tidal Forest Soils

Oral Session
S10 Wetland Soils Although tidal forests represent an understudied wetland type, these systems are critical to our understanding of the effects of rising sea levels on terrestrial ecosystems. Consequently, our goals will be to assess our current state of knowledge and identify key information gaps as viewed by some of the key soil scientists who are currently working within tidal forests. The presentations will focus on sedimentation, biogeochemistry, and other soil related processes within mangrove, baldcypress, and other tidal systems.


Forest, Range & Wildland Soils
Wednesday, October 19, 2011: 8:00 AM-10:25 AM
Henry Gonzalez Convention Center, Room 210B

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Bruce Lockaby
8:05 AM
The Effect of Rising Salinity and Forest Mortality On Soil Nitrogen and Phosphorus Mineralization In Tidal Freshwater Forested Wetlands.
Greg Noe, U.S. Geological Survey; Ken Krauss, U.S. Geological Survey; Cliff Hupp, USGS; Bruce Lockaby, Auburn University; William Conner, Clemson University
8:35 AM
Freshwater Forested Wetlands of the Southeastern US: Trends In Aboveground Productivity In Relation to Hydrology and Salinity.
William Conner, Clemson University; Ken W. Krauss, US Geological Survey; Nicole Cormier, US Geological Survey; Bruce Lockaby, Auburn University
9:05 AM
9:20 AM
Sediment and Soil Dynamics In Mangrove Ecosystems of Florida.
Ken W. Krauss, US Geological Survey; Thomas J. Smith III, US Geological Survey; Michael J. Osland, US Environmental Protection Agency; Donald R. Cahoon, US Geological Survey; Karen L. McKee, US Geological Survey; Nicole Cormier, US Geological Survey; Camille L. Stagg, US Geological Survey
9:50 AM
Soil Properties and Processes of Alluvial and Blackwater Tidal Forests, Georgia, USA.
Christopher Craft, Indiana University; John Marton, Indiana University
10:25 AM
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