199 General Education & Extension: I

Oral Session
ASA Section: Education & Extension General Education & Extension
Tuesday, October 18, 2011: 7:55 AM-11:45 AM
Henry Gonzalez Convention Center, Room 007A

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Drew J. Lyon
Mary Savin
8:30 AM
Engaging Students Via Outreach Programs In Urban Water Conservation.
Sheryl Wells, University of Georgia; Bodie Pennisi, University of Georgia
9:00 AM
Role of Student Activities In Satisfaction and Success of Agronomy Students.
Kevin Donnelly, Kansas State University; Dana Minihan, Kansas State University
9:15 AM
Using Concept Maps and Pre-Collegiate Experiences to Measure Comprehension of Student Knowledge of Soil Science In Two Introductory Agronomy Courses.
Jon M. Trappe, Purdue University; Lori J. Snyder, Purdue University; Stephanie Mitzman, Purdue University; Darrell G. Schulze, Purdue University; Phillip Owens, Purdue University; George E. Van Scoyoc, Purdue University
9:30 AM
Undergraduate Soil Science Education At Selected Land Grant Universities.
Jared Sweat, University of Florida; Mary E. Collins, University of Florida; James Bonczek, University of Florida; R. Kirby Barrick, University of Florida
9:45 AM
10:00 AM
Honors Course On Afghanistan: Development Challenges Facing a Country At War.
George E. Van Scoyoc, Purdue University; Kevin T. McNamara, Purdue University
10:15 AM
Using Calibrated Peer Review to Teach Basic Research Skills.
John Graveel, Purdue University; Marianne Bracke, Purdue University
10:30 AM
Flat-Bed Scanner Rhizotrons for Demonstrating Root Development As a Classroom Lab Experience.
Jared D. Williams, Brigham Young University-Idaho; Robert Mikkelsen, International Plant Nutrition Institute
10:45 AM
11:00 AM
Issues and Problems with Undergraduate Crop Science Distance Education Courses.
David Weaver, Auburn University; E.A. Guertal, Auburn University; J.A. Howe, Auburn University; D.A. Shannon, Auburn University; Y. Feng, Auburn University; L. Keeler, Auburn University
11:15 AM
Challenges In Developing a New Distance Education Program: Lessons Learned.
Dennis Shannon, Auburn University; Julie A. Howe, Auburn University; David Weaver, Auburn University; Elizabeth A. Guertal, Auburn University; Leslie Keeler, United States Air Force - Air University
11:30 AM
Teaching a Laboratory-Intensive Course Using Distance Education.
Julie A. Howe, Auburn University; Dennis Shannon, Auburn University; Elizabeth A. Guertal, Auburn University; David Weaver, Auburn University
11:45 AM