116 Advances In Soil and Vadose Zone Hydrology: The Contributions of Glendon Gee: II

Poster Session
S01 Soil Physics Understanding of soil and vadose zone hydrology, especially recharge, has advanced significantly during the past 40 years because of Dr. Glendon Gee. This symposium is organized to recognize how his career influenced research to characterize soil hydraulic properties and recharge rates, using approaches ranging from laboratory devices to lysimetry. A primary goal is to highlight recent advances and future needs in recharge research. We strongly encourage early career scientists and students who can share their results and show how the work by Gee and his colleagues have guided and/or influenced new thinking in this important area of soil hydrology.
Monday, October 17, 2011: 4:00 PM-6:00 PM
Henry Gonzalez Convention Center, Hall C

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Brian Andraski , Michael Fayer , Birl Lowery and W. Dan Reynolds
Poster #127
Ground Water Recharge In Semi-Arid Mountain Blocks: San Gabriel Mountains Case Study.
Jan M. Hendrickx, New Mexico Tech; Todd G. Umstot, Daniel B. Stephens & Associates, Inc.; John L. Wilson, New Mexico Tech
Poster #128
Using Passive Capillary Lysimeter Water Flux Measurements to Improve Flow Predictions In Variably Saturated Soils.
Yakov Pachepsky, USDA-ARS; Andrey Guber, USDA-ARS; Diederik Jacques, SCK-CEN; Martinus van Genuchten, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro; Ralph Cady, U. S. NRC; Thomas Nicholson, U. S. NRC
Poster #129
Water Balance Covers and Conventional Cover Enhancements for Sustainable Hydraulic Isolation of Uranium Mill Tailings.
William J. Waugh, S.M. Stoller Corp.; Craig H. Benson, University of Wisconsin-Madison; William H. Albright, Desert Research Institute
Poster #130
Evaluating the Impacts of a Surface Barrier with a Hydraulic-Conductivity-Reduction Factor.
Fred Zhang, Battelle Pacific NW Lab.; Chris Strickland, Battelle Pacific NW Lab.; Jim G. Field, Washington River Protection Solutions; Dan L. Parker, Washington River Protection Solutions; Ray E. Clayton, Battelle Pacific NW Lab.
Poster #131
Measuring Soil Hydraulic Properties Using a Falling-Head Borehole Permeameter.
W. Dan Reynolds, Greenhouse & Processing Crops Research Centre; Craig Drury, Greenhouse & Processing Crops Research Centre; Xueming Yang, Greenhouse & Processing Crops Research Centre; Chin Tan, Greenhouse & Processing Crops Research Centre; Tiequan Zhang, Greenhouse & Processing Crops Research Centre; Jinyi Yang, Greenhouse & Processing Crops Research Centre
Poster #132
Using a Geocentrifuge to Study Colloid Transport In Unsaturated Porous Media.
Thorsten Knappenberger, Washington State University; Markus Flury, Washington State University; James Harsh, Washington State University; Earl Mattson, INEL; Fred Zhang, Battelle Pacific NW Lab.; Glendon Gee, PNL; Peter Lichtner, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Poster #133
Poster #134
Soil Hydraulic Parameters for Moisture Redistribution In Heterogeneous Landscape.
Jianting Zhu, Desert Research Institute; Dongmin Sun, University of Houston, Clear Lake
Poster #135
The Significance of Lateral Flows On Water Flux Across Heterogeneous Fields.
Dongmin Sun, University of Houston, Clear Lake; Jianting Zhu, Desert Research Institute
Poster #136
Source Identification of Contaminants In Subsurface Flow by An Efficient Bayesian Method.
Lingzao Zeng, Zhejiang University; Dongxiao Zhang, Peking University; Laosheng Wu, University of California/Zhejiang University
Poster #137
Effective Vertical Solute Transport in Soils by Artificial Macropore System.
Yasushi Mori, Shimane University; Atsushi Fujihara, Shimane University; Tetsuya Yamamoto, Shimane University; Hiroaki Somura, Shimane University
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