284 Soil-Ecosystem Processes in Restoration of Drastically Disturbed Landscapes: I

Oral Session
S05 Pedology Drastically disturbed landscapes particularly landscapes affected by mineral extraction processes require knowledge of edaphic degradation and recovery processes in order for lands to be effectively restored. Such landscapes are utilized for a variety of purposes and restoration activities are often tailored to address the restoration of specific ecosystem services. This topic provides an opportunity for a variety of soil science and related disciplines to present expanded knowledge of soil-ecosystem interactions in these landscapes.
Tuesday, October 23, 2012: 9:50 AM-12:00 PM
Hyatt Regency, Regency Ballroom G, Third Floor

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Jay Norton and Cynthia Stiles
Jay Norton
10:10 AM
Examination of Vesicular Porosity in Desert Soils Using High-Resolution X-Ray Computed Tomography.
Judith Turk, University of California, Riverside; Robert C. Graham, University of California
10:25 AM
Hydrologic Soil Grouping Determination for Appalachian Minesoils.
Eugenia Pena-Yewtukhiw, West Virginia University; Anthony Willard, West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection
10:55 AM
Topographic and Soil Constraints to Shale-Gas Development in the Northcentral Appalachians.
Patrick Drohan, Pennsylvania State University; Cody Fink, The Pennsylvania State University; Michael Marsicano, The Pennsylvania State University; Lauren F. Vitko, Pennsylvania State University
11:40 AM
12:00 PM
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