283 Soil Science Education Trends for the 21st Century: I

Oral Session
S05 Pedology As a largely field-based discipline, Soil Science programs are universally facing challenges in providing valuable and relevant knowledge-transfer to the next generation of natural resource management professionals. As concerns are raised about our capability to provide enough food for the increasing world population and on-going issues of soil degradation, Soil Science programs must adapt to effectively deliver solid and relevant foundational knowledge of the soil resource. This topic includes the following subjects: 1) Current approaches to soils and natural resources education; 2) Emerging trends and examples of innovative methods and learning technologies; and 3) Student perspectives on soil science education.
Tuesday, October 23, 2012: 8:30 AM-9:35 AM
Hyatt Regency, Regency Ballroom G, Third Floor

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Cynthia Stiles
Cynthia Stiles
8:35 AM
National Soil Science Field Camp: An Update.
Mary E. Collins, University of Florida; Dawn Ferris, Soil Science Society of America; Robert Michitsch, University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point; David Lindbo, North Carolina State University; Patrick Drohan, Pennsylvania State University; Michel D. Ransom, Kansas State University; Brian Slater, Ohio State University; Mark McClain, Consultant; Ann Rossi, University of Maryland; Jerrell Lemunyon, USDA-NRCS
9:20 AM
Student Perceptions and Experiences in the Soil and Water Science Program At University of Florida.
Jared Sweat, University of Florida; Mary E. Collins, University of Florida; James Bonczek, University of Florida; R. Kirby Barrick, University of Florida
9:35 AM
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