327 Special Oral Session for Information Exchange for Industry and Consulting Members

Oral Session
Special Sessions This session is proposed by the Industry/Consulting Subcommittee of ACS237 Membership and Society Identity Committee. For the past two years, the ACS 237 Committee’s overarching goal has been to increase participation of the different members of our societies at the Annual Meetings, and to ensure each group can recognize the benefit of becoming and maintaining their membership over time. The ACS 237 has identified, amongst others, the need to create a space for interaction and exchange of information amongst industry consultants and agronomy, crop, and soil science professionals. Without such organized activities, the need for industry and consulting companies to support the Annual Meetings and maintain membership for their employees is unclear. The proposed session invites oral presentations from all sectors of society but will emphasize participation of industry and consulting sector members. The presentations will focus on R&D leading to technology development; technologies already developed through R&D, and/or processes involved in the development of technologies. Presentations may be on new process development; R&D technology proof of concept, projects executed or in process, pilot studies, instrumentation for agronomic, crop, soil, environmental applications. In some instances, applicants presenting results of application of published research in solving practical problems in the practice of our profession may be considered.
Wednesday, October 24, 2012: 8:40 AM-12:00 PM
Duke Energy Convention Center, Room 212, Level 2

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Jagadeesh Mosali
9:00 AM
The Role of GA142 and Foliar Nitrogen On Yield of Maize.
Gregory Willoughby, Helena Chemical Co.
9:30 AM
Refining the Calibration Process for Heat Dissipation Sensors.
Emily M. Clark, Golder Associates, Inc.
10:15 AM
10:30 AM
Roundup Hybridization System (RHS) in Hybrid Seed Corn.
Christopher Schuster, Monsanto Company - USA
10:45 AM
Field Corn and Wheat Response to an Agrowsil®-Gypsum Blend.
Mary C. Provance-Bowley, Harsco Metals and Minerals
11:45 AM
Soil Fertility and Agricultural Sustainability Assessment Based On Long-Term Agroecosystem Experiments in China.
Minggang Xu, Institute of Agricultural Resources and Regional Planning; Yilai Lou, Institute of Agricultural Resources and Regional Planning; Wenju Zhang, Institute of Agricultural Resources and Regional Planning
12:00 PM
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