180 Nitrogen-Climate Interactions and Soil Processes

Oral Session
Special Sessions The US Global Change Research Program is charged with producing a draft National Climate Assessment (NCA) in the summer of 2012 and a final report a year later. The objective of this symposium will be to evaluate the draft report with respect to soil processes that affect mitigation, adaptation, and impacts of climate change. This symposium will be jointly sponsored by the SSSA, the American Geophysical Union, and the North American Center of the International Nitrogen Initiative. Given that agricultural soils are the dominant source of anthropogenic nitrous oxide, and that N deposition affects carbon sequestration in forests and soils, climate-carbon-nitrogen interactions merit special attention in this assessment and this symposium. Experts on measurement and modeling of sources and sinks of greenhouse gases and impacts of climate change on soil processes will be invited to evaluate the draft NCA.


Agronomic Production Systems, Environmental Quality, Soil Biology & Biochemistry, Soil Fertility & Plant Nutrition, Soils & Environmental Quality, Soil Consulting Scientists
Adaptive Nutrient Management Community, Precision Agriculture Systems Community, Sensor-Based Nutrient Management Community, Global Climate Change Community, Extension Education Community, Animal Agriculture and the Environment Community, Managing Denitrification in Agronomic Systems Community, Nutrient Loss Assessment and Prevention Community, Soil Carbon and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Community
Tuesday, October 23, 2012: 1:00 PM-3:35 PM
Duke Energy Convention Center, Room 233, Level 2

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Charles Rice
Eric Davidson and Charles Rice
1:05 PM
Overview and Nitrogen Trace Gas-Climate Interactions in Agriculture.
G. Philip Robertson, W. K Kellogg Biological Station and Dept. of Crop & Soil Sciences
1:35 PM
Reduced Nitrogen Fertility Accelerates the Stimulation of Senescence Caused By Chronic Ozone In Nicotiana sylvestris.
Craig Yendrek, USDA-ARS Global Change and Photosynthesis Research Unit; Courtney P. Liesner, University of Illinois; Elizabeth Ainsworth, USDA-ARS Global Change and Photosynthesis Research Unit
2:05 PM
Managing Crop Nitrogen to Mitigate and Adapt to Climate Change.
Thomas Bruulsema, International Plant Nutrition Institute; Clifford Snyder, International Plant Nutrition Institute
3:05 PM
Managing Livestock to Mitigate Nitrogen Losses and Adapt to Climate Change.
C. A. Rotz, USDA-ARS, Pasture Systems and Watershed Management Research Unit
3:35 PM
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