206 Evapotranspiration: Monitoring, Modeling and Mapping At Point, Field, and Regional Scales: II

Oral Session
ASA Section: Climatology & Modeling Tools and approaches for remote sensing of evapotranspiration.


Remote Sensing of Evapotranspiration Community
Tuesday, October 23, 2012: 12:50 PM-4:00 PM
Duke Energy Convention Center, Room 234, Level 2

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Community Leader:
Prasanna Gowda
Allan Andales and Prasanna Gowda
Allan Andales and Prasanna Gowda
12:50 PM
Alfalfa ET and Crop Coefficients From a Weighing Lysimeter in the Arkansas Valley of Colorado.
Allan Andales, Colorado State University; Jose L. Chavez, Colorado State University
1:05 PM
Performance of Atmometers in Estimating Reference Evapotranspiration in a Semi-Arid Environment.
David Gleason, Colorado State University; Troy Bauder, Colorado State University; Allan Andales, Colorado State University; Jose L. Chavez, Colorado State University
1:20 PM
Smart Field Lysimeter, Technical Requirements, Applications and Data Management.
Georg von Unold, UMS; Georg Leitinger, University of Innsbruck; Nikolaus Obojes, University of Bozen; Leonardo D. Rivera, Decagon Devices
1:35 PM
Determination of Subsurface Soil Evaporation Using a Heat Pulse Probe Array.
Kashifa Rumana, Utah State University; Scott Jones, Utah State University; Markus Tuller, University of Arizona; Morteza Sadeghi, Utah State University
1:50 PM
Below Canopy Evaporation in a Drip-Irrigated Vineyard in Southern Israel.
Dilia Kool, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev; Nurit Agam, Agricultural Research Organization of Israel; Naftali Lazarovitch, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev; Joshua L. Heitman, North Carolina State University; Thomas Sauer, USDA-ARS National Laboratory for Agriculture & the Environment; Alon Ben-Gal, Agricultural Research Organization
2:05 PM
Assessing Water Use in Semi-Arid Montane Aspen, Conifer, Sage and Grass/Forb Ecosystems Using Measurements and Numerical Simulation.
Ling Lv, Utah State University; Scott Jones, Utah State University; Lawrence Hipps, Utah State University
2:20 PM
2:30 PM
Measurements and Analyses of Surface Energy Balance in Maize Under Limited- and Full-Irrigation.
Timothy R. Green, Agricultural Systems Research Unit; Saseendran Anapalli, USDA-ARS & CSU; Robert Erskine, Agricultural Systems Research Unit; Walter Bausch, USDA-ARS, Water Management Research Unit; Lajpat Ahuja, Agricultural Systems Research Unit; Liwang Ma, Agricultural Systems Research Unit; Allan Andales, Colorado State University
2:45 PM
Field-Scale Modeling of Center Pivot Irrigated Cotton.
Jon Booker, Texas Tech College of Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources; Robert Lascano, USDA-ARS
3:00 PM
Crop Water Use Predictions Available On-Line for Sprinkler Irrigated Rice in the United States and South Africa.
William Stevens, UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI DELTA RESEARCH CENTER; Earl Vories, USDA-ARS; Paul Counce, University of Arkansas; John Travlos, University of Missouri; Greg Rotert, University of Missouri; Stephen Martin, University of Missouri; Pat Guinan, University of Missouri; Joe Henggeler, University of Missouri; James Heiser, University of Missouri-Columbia; Matthew Rhine, University of Missouri
3:30 PM
Divergence of Reference and Measured Evapotranspiration Observations in Sugarcane in Hawai'I, USA.
Ray G. Anderson, USDA-ARS; Mae H. Nakahata, Hawaii Commercial & Sugar Company; Huihui Zhang, USDA-ARS; Dong Wang, USDA-ARS
3:45 PM
New Method for Modeling Daily Available Soil Moisture Through the Growing Season.
Jeff Hamlin, The Climate Corporation; Christopher Seifert, The Climate Corporation; Pavel Machalek, The Climate Corporation
4:00 PM