281 Secondary Nutrients and Micronutrients Management

Poster Session
S04 Soil Fertility & Plant Nutrition Secondary Nutrients and Micronutrients management


Nutrient Management & Soil & Plant Analysis
Tuesday, October 23, 2012: 1:00 PM-3:00 PM
Duke Energy Convention Center, Exhibit Hall AB, Level 1

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Antonio P. Mallarino
Poster #1416
Interaction Ghyphosate and ZINC On Soybean Plants Cultivated In Tropical SOIL.
Adônis Moreira Sr., Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation; Larissa Moraes, Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation; Axel Garcia y Garcia, University of Wyoming Research and Extension Center
Poster #1417
Zinc Limits Corn Yield In Argentina.
Matias Ruffo, Mosaic Company; Carlos Michiels, Mosaic de Argentina
Poster #1418
Corn Yield Response to Soil Applied Zinc Sources.
John Kruse, LSU Agricultural Center - Dean Lee Resarch Station; Brenda Tubana, Louisiana State University AgCenter
Poster #1419
Sugarcane Response to Elemental Sulfur In High pH Florida Histosols.
James McCray, University of Florida, Everglades Research & Education Center; Avjinder S. Kaler, University of Florida; Shangning Ji, University of Florida
Poster #1420
Unique Crop Nutrition Solution Is an Effective/Efficient Zinc Solution.
Ron Olson, The Mosaic Company; Matias Ruffo, Mosaic Company; Oscar Perez, The Mosaic Company
Poster #1421
Soil Sulfur Extraction Methods Optimizing Plant Sulfur Levels.
Solomon Kariuki, University of Maryland; Joshua McGrath, University of Maryland; Gregory Binford, University of Delaware
Poster #1422
Uptake and Leaching Potential of Potassium and Sulfur When Split Applied for Corn On Irrigated Soil.
Andria Bonde, University of Minnesota; Daniel E. Kaiser, University of Minnesota; Carl Rosen, University of Minnesota; John A. Lamb, University of Minnesota
Poster Presentation
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  • Poster #1424
    Evaluation of Nutritional Status of Calcium in Corn Plants Using Artificial Vision System.
    Pedro Henrique C. Luz Sr., Universidade de São Paulo - FZEA/USP; Fernanda de Fátima da Silva, Universidade de São Paulo - FZEA/USP; Liliane Maria Romualdo, Universidade de São Paulo - FZEA/USP; Mário Antônio Marin, Universidade de São Paulo - FZEA/USP; Valdo Rodrigues Herling, Universidade de São Paulo - FZEA/USP; Odemir Martinez Bruno, IFSC - USP; Alvaro Manuel G. Zuñinga, IFSC - USP
    Poster #1425
    Contents of Inorganic Nutrient in Leaf Perilla in Growing Stages Under Plastic Film House Cultivation.
    Ju-Young Lee, National Academy of Agricultural Science, RDA; Jwa-Kyung Sung, National Academy of Agricultural Science, RDA; Seong-Soo Kang, National Academy of Agricultural Science, RDA; Byoung-Choon Jang, National Academy of Agricultural Science, RDA; Su-Yeon Lee, National Academy of Agricultural Science, RDA; Rog-Young Kim, National Academy of Agricultural Science, RDA; Ye-Jin Lee, National Academy of Agricultural Science, RDA
    Poster #1426
    Study On Reduction of Acrylamide in Potato Chips for Korean Varieties.
    Yong-Ik Jin, Rural Development Administration(RDA); Suyoung Hong, Rural Development Administration(RDA); Su-Jeong Kim, Rural Development Administration(RDA); Jeong-Hwan Nam, Rural Development Administration(RDA); Young-Ho Yoon, Rural Development Administration(RDA); Jin-Cheol Jeong, Rural Development Administration(RDA)
    Poster #1427
    Forgotten Boron: Lessons for Production Agriculture in Andic Soils of Guatemala.
    Mauricio Avila, NORDIC Fertilizers; Malcolm E. Sumner, University of Georgia; Juan Leal, NORDIC Fertilizers
    Poster Presentation
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