144 Symposium--Forest Range and Wildland Soils Education: Trends in Academia and Relevance in the Real World

Oral Session
S07 Forest, Range & Wildland Soils This symposium will build upon the 2005 article of Fisher et al. (Forest soils education and research: Trends, needs, and wild ideas) and address questions such as: Are opportunities for getting FRW Soils education fewer and different than before? How relevant is FRW Soils education in the 'real' world? We will examine FRW Soils programs, assess how FRW soils education is used in the real world, and, possibly, challenge ourselves toward reinventing FRW Soil education.


Soil Consulting Scientists
Monday, October 22, 2012: 7:50 AM-12:05 PM
Duke Energy Convention Center, Room 264, Level 2

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Kathryn B. Piatek and John M. Kabrick
Kathryn B. Piatek and John M. Kabrick
9:15 AM
9:30 AM
10:10 AM
10:35 AM
What Every Naturalist Should Know about Soils.
Stephen Carpenter, The Nicholas Putnam Group; Rosalie Carpenter, Washington and Jefferson College; Anthony Jenkins, USDA-NRCS
11:25 AM
Forest Soils Use in a Developing-Community Context.
Thomas K. Erdmann, Development Alternatives International
11:50 AM
12:05 PM