67 Education and Extension Methods That Work: I

Poster Session
ASA Section: Education & Extension Posters that present theory, implementation, evaluation, and/or impact of innovative programs in education and Extension.
Monday, October 22, 2012: 10:00 AM-12:00 PM
Duke Energy Convention Center, Exhibit Hall AB, Level 1

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Mary Savin
Johnathon Holman
Poster #223
Moving towards the Explicit Integration of Metacognitive Activities In Freshman Courses.
Carol Speth, University of Nebraska; Leah Sandall, University of Nebraska; Martha Mamo, University of Nebraska - Lincoln; Donald J. Lee, University of Nebraska
Poster #224
Deliver a Higher Level of Learning with Hands On Discovery, Classroom Style.
Douglas Holen Jr., University of Minnesota Extension; Phillip Glogoza, University of Minnesota Extension
Poster #225
Poster #226
Evaluation of the Crop Observation and Recommendation Network (CORN) Electronic Newsletter Over Reported Environmental and Economic Attributes.
Steven Prochaska, The Ohio State University; Harold Watters, The Ohio State University; Greg Labarge, The Ohio State University
Poster #227
Distance Education Creates New Opportunities for Non-Traditional Students.
Dennis Shannon, Auburn University; Julie Howe, Auburn University; Leslie Cordie, Auburn University
Poster Presentation
  • Distance Ed New Opportunities (v3).pdf (1.7 MB)
  • Poster #228
    AG*IDEA: A Distance Education Program in Soil Water and Environmental Science.
    Dennis Shannon, Auburn University; John Havlin, North Carolina State University; Richard Zartman, Texas Tech University; David Radcliffe, University of Georgia-Athens
    Poster Presentation
  • SWES poster ASA 2012 B (2).pdf (830.7 kB)
  • Poster #229
    Developing High Impact Active Learning Programs Based On Agriculture to Meet State Education Standards in STEM.
    Carol Wilkinson, Virginia Tech; Pamela Shepherd, Virginia Tech; Kevin F. Camm, Virginia Tech; Paula R. Gray, King Arthur Flour Company, Inc.
    Poster Presentation
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