389 Soil Processes and Ecosystem Services: II - Soil Microbial Ecology and Carbon Turnover

Oral Session
S03 Soil Biology & Biochemistry General Soil Biology & Biochemistry: I. Session for topics on soil biochemistry related topics
Wednesday, October 24, 2012: 12:55 PM-4:10 PM
Duke Energy Convention Center, Room 211, Level 2

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William Horwath
William Horwath and Christopher Blackwood
1:00 PM
Bacterial and Eukaryotic Communities within and Beneath New Rooting Zones of Incipient Soils Formed From Acid Mine Drainage Precipitates Amended with Compost.
Claudia Rojas-Alvarado, Pennsylvania State University; Rosemary Gutierrez, University of the Philippines; Mary Ann Bruns, Pennsylvania State University
1:15 PM
Stochastic and Deterministic Processes Influence Saprotrophic Fungal Diversity.
Larry M. Feinstein, Kent State University; Christopher Blackwood, Kent State University
1:30 PM
Stable Soil Bacterial Communities and Ecosystem Development: Are Small Differences Between Global Hemispheres a Big Deal?.
Mark Williams, Virginia Polytechnic and State University; Shankar G. Shanmugam, Mississippi State University; Kamlesh Jangid, Microbial Culture Collection; William Whitman, University of Georgia; Leo Condron, Lincoln University; Benjamin L. Turner, Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute
1:45 PM
Genetic Diversity of Rhizobium Leguminosarum and Mesorhizobium Ciceri From Pea and Chickpea Fields in the Palouse.
Rita Abi-Ghanem, Washington State University; Kory L. Smith, Washington State University; Karmin E. Corliss, Washington State University; George Vandemark, USDA-ARS
2:00 PM
Next-Generation Functional and Structural Soil Metagenomics.
Cheng-Cang Wu, Lucigen Corporation; Mark Liles, Auburn University; Kavita Kakirde, Auburn University; Rosa Ye, Lucigen Corporation; Megan Wagner, Lucigen Corporation; Amanda Krerowicz, Lucigen Corporation; Svetlana Jasinovica, Lucigen Corporation; David Mead, Lucigen Corporation
2:15 PM
Discovering Small Peptides with High Affinity to Montmorillonite Using Phage Display Library Technology.
Himaya Mula-Michel, Mississippi State University; Kang Xia, Virginia Tech; Mark Williams, Virginia Polytechnic and State University; Michael Cox, Mississippi State University
2:30 PM
2:40 PM
Drought Stress Affects Earthworms in a Biosolids Amended Colorado Soil.
Jacob McDaniel, Colorado State University; Mary Stromberger, Colorado State University; Kenneth Barbarick, Colorado State University
2:55 PM
Permanganate Oxidizable Carbon Reflects a Processed Soil Fraction That Is Sensitive to Management.
Steven Culman, Michigan State University; Sieglinde Snapp, Michigan State University; Mark Freeman, Michigan State University; Meagan Schipanski, Pennsylvania State University
3:10 PM
Implications of SOM Model Pool Parameterization Via Different Methods of Two Arable Soils of SW Germany.
Scott Demyan, University of Hohenheim; Frank Rasche, University of Hohenheim; Carsten Marohn, University of Hohenheim; Torsten Mueller, University of Hohenheim; Georg Cadisch, University of Hohenheim
3:25 PM
Mineral Control On Organic Carbon Decomposition From Soils of Diverse Eco-Regions.
Sindhu Jagadamma, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; J. Megan Steinweg, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Melanie Mayes, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
3:40 PM
Belowground Contributions of Field Pea and Canola to Soil Nitrogen Pools and Processes.
Melissa Arcand, University of Saskatchewan; J. Diane Knight, University of Saskatchewan; Richard Farrell, University of Saskatchewan
3:55 PM
4:10 PM