77 Methane and Nitrous Oxide Emissions From Agricultural Systems.

Oral Session
ASA Section: Environmental Quality Measurement of methane production from agricultural systems, including challenges and innovative techniques.


Soil Carbon and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Community
Environmental Quality
Monday, October 22, 2012: 12:55 PM-2:00 PM
Duke Energy Convention Center, Room 237-238, Level 2

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Community Leader:
Diane E. Stott
Louise Barton
1:00 PM
Yield-Scaled Nitrous Oxide and Methane Emissions in Response to N Rate in Direct-Seeded Rice Production Systems.
Cameron M. Pittelkow, University of California, Davis; Arlene Adviento-Borbe, University of California, Davis; Merle M. Anders, University of Arkansas; James Hill, University of California, Davis; Johan Six, UC Davis Agroecology Lab; Chris van Kessel, University of California-Davis; Bruce Linquist, University of California, Davis
1:15 PM
Temporal Variation of Methane and Nitrous Oxide Emissions From Dairy Slurries and Implications On Discrete Sampling.
Jeffrey D. Wood, University of Guelph; Robert Gordon, University of Guelph; Claudia Wagner-Riddle, University of Guelph
1:30 PM
Methane and Nitrous Oxide Emissions in Lowland Rice Production As Affected by Fallow Management.
Marianne Samson, International Rice Research Institute; B. Ole Sander, International Rice Research Institute; Roland J. Buresh, International Rice Research Institute; C. Arloo Centeno, International Rice Research Institute; Irish Bicaldo, International Rice Research Institute; Reiner Wassmann, International Rice Research Institute; Pearl B. Sanchez, University of the Philippines at Los Banos
1:45 PM
Methane Emissions From Dairy Cattle and Liquid Manure Measured Using an Inverse Dispersion Technique.
Andrew C. VanderZaag, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada; Thomas Flesch, University of Alberta; Raymond Desjardins, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
2:00 PM