132 The National Ecological Observatory Network: A Continental-Scale Approach for Studying Soil Biology, Biogeochemistry, and Ecohydrology: II

Poster Session
SSSA Division: Forest, Range & Wildland Soils
This session will provide an update on the construction now underway to build the National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON), as well as details of the soil-related data that NEON will collect and make freely available over the next 30 years. In addition, examples of how early-adopters are making use of existing NEON data will be presented, along with examples from other large-scale soil projects similar in scope to studies that NEON hopes to facilitate.

Soil Biology & Biochemistry
Soil Chemistry

Monday, November 3, 2014: 4:00 PM-6:00 PM
Long Beach Convention Center, Exhibit Hall ABC

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Edward Ayres , Eve-Lyn S Hinckley , John Jacob Parnell and Michael D. Sanclements
Poster #805
An Objective Approach to Select Soil CO2 Concentration Measurement Depths When Using the Gradient Method to Measure Soil Respiration.
Edward Ayres, NEON; Natchaya Pingintha-Durden, NEON; Jim Tang, Marine Biological Laboratory; Rommel Zulueta, NEON
Poster Presentation
  • AyresSSSAposter.pdf (1.7 MB)
  • Poster #807
    Potential for Linking Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity and Quantitative Characterization of Soil Architecture at NEON Field Sites.
    Dennis Eck, University of Kansas; Daniel Hirmas, University of Kansas; Daniel Gimenez, Rutgers University; Mingming Qin, Rutgers University; Nathaniel Brunsell, University of Kansas
    Poster Presentation
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  • Poster #808
    Net Ecosystem Exchange of CO2 and C-Sequestration Potential of a North Alabama Forest during Different Seasons.
    Yinusa Omidiran, Alabama A&M University; Monday Mbila, Alabama A&M University; Maheteme Gebremedhin, ALabama A&M University; Peace Dunu, Alabama A&M University