349 Crop Physiology and Metabolism

Oral Session
C02 Crop Physiology and Metabolism
This is a general oral session for crop physiology and metabolism papers.
Wednesday, November 18, 2015: 8:10 AM-4:00 PM
Minneapolis Convention Center, 101 C

P.V. Vara Prasad
P.V. Vara Prasad
8:10 AM
Introductory Remarks
8:15 AM
Predawn Respiration Rates during Flowering Are Highly Predictive of Yield Response in Gossypium hirsutum When Yield Variability Is Water-Induced.
John Snider, University of Georgia - Tifton; Daryl Chastain, Mississippi State University; Calvin Meeks, University of Georgia - Tifton; Guy Collins, North Carolina State University; Ronald Sorensen, USDA ARS; Calvin Perry, University of Georgia
8:30 AM
8:45 AM
Physiology and Yield Components of Dryland Soybean Under Different Planting Geometry.
Gautam Prasad Pradhan, NDSU Williston Research Extension Center; Jerald W. Bergman, NDSU Williston Research Extension Center; James A. Staricka, NDSU Williston Research Extension Center; Diana Amiot, NDSU Williston Research Extension Center; Austin Link, NDSU Williston Research Extension Center; Kyle Dragseth, NDSU Williston Research Extension Center; Cameron Wahlstrom, NDSU Williston Research Extension Center; David Weltikol, NDSU Williston Research Extension Center
9:00 AM
Mesophyll Conductance: Methods of Estimation and Potential Use to Improve Water Use Efficiency.
Shardendu K Singh, USDA - United States Department of Agriculture; Vangimalla R Reddy, USDA-ARS; James A. Bunce, USDA-ARS
9:30 AM
Altered Leaf Photosynthetic Rate, Root Oxidizing Power and Yield of Rice Under Drip Irrigation.
Parthasarathi Theivasigamani, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev; VANITHA KOOTHAN, Tamil Nadu Rice Research Institute, TNAU; MOHANDASS SENDASS, TNAU; ELI VERED, Netafim Irrigation Ltd.
9:45 AM
10:00 AM
10:15 AM
Source-Sink Manipulations during Grain Filling in Maize Grown Under Contrasting N and Temperature Regimes.
Gustavo A. Slafer, University of Lleida; Raziel A. Ordóñez, University of Lleida; C. Mariano Cossani, CIMMYT; Roxana Savin, University of Lleida
10:30 AM
Rice Races Against Rising Temperatures - Achievements, Opportunities and Challenges.
Krishna Jagadish S.V., Kansas State University; Tsutomo Ishimaru, International Rice Research Institute; Changrong Ye, International Rice Research Institute
10:45 AM
The Combined Effect of Salinity and High Temperature on Winter Wheat at Booting.
Amal Ehtaiwesh, Kansas State University; P.V. Vara Prasad, Kansas State University; Mary Beth Kirkham, Kansas State University; Allan Fritz, Kansas State University; Sunghun Park, Kansas State University
11:15 AM
11:45 AM
Maize Response to Weeds When Present through Part or All of the Critical Weed Free Period.
David P. Horvath, USDA-ARS; Stephanie A. Hansen, South Dakota State University; Sharon A. Clay, South Dakota State University; Munevver Dogramaci, USDA-ARS; James V. Anderson, USDA-ARS; David E. Clay, South Dakota State University
12:00 PM
Lunch Break
1:05 PM
Division Business Meeting
2:15 PM
Quinoa Photoperiod Sensitivity.
Leonardo Hinojosa, Washington State University Crop & Soil Science Club; Kevin M. Murphy, Washington State University; Geyang Wu, Washington State University
2:45 PM
The Unrecognized Determinants of Stalk Strength.
Daniel Robertson, New York University; Douglas Cook, New York University - Abu Dhabi
3:00 PM
Failure Initiation and Propagation in Corn Stalk Tissue.
Margaret Julias, New York University; Douglas Cook, New York University - Abu Dhabi; Daniel Robertson, New York University
4:00 PM