275 SSSA Business Meeting--Soil Biology & Biochemistry

Oral Session
SSSA Division: Soil Biology & Biochemistry
The business meeting follows the Clark Lectureship and it provides an opportunity to make decisions on the SSSA journal, announce the winners of the graduate student poster competition and discuss ideas for future meetings or topics. This year, graduate students are encouraged to attend as there will be a panel of professors and scientists from universities and government agencies to provide insight on careers, mentoring students, grant writing, publications, etc. It will be a great networking opportunity for all members as a central goal of this panel is for all members to interact and learn about the variety of opportunities for current and future soil scientists and leaders in our field of soil biology and biochemistry.
Tuesday, November 17, 2015: 2:30 PM-4:00 PM
Minneapolis Convention Center, 101 FG

Veronica Acosta-Martinez