53 Robert F Barnes Graduate Student Oral Contest , Ph.D.

Oral Session
C06 Forage and Grazinglands
The oral graduate students competition is for papers of PhD students in the C-6 division.

C06 Forage and Grazinglands

Monday, November 16, 2015: 8:30 AM-11:35 AM
Minneapolis Convention Center, 101 A

Twain J. Butler
Twain J. Butler
8:30 AM
Introductory Remarks
8:35 AM
Development of Remote Sensing Tools for Alfalfa Management.
Reagan L. Noland, University of Minnesota; M. Scott Wells, University of Minnesota; Craig C. Sheaffer, University of Minnesota
8:50 AM
Effects of Field Design Factors and Spatial Variability on Forage Yield Estimation.
Raghuveer Sripathi, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Michael Casler, USDA-ARS; Patrick Conaghan, 2Animal and Grassland Research and Innovation Centre; Dermot Grogan, Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine
9:05 AM
Enhanced Efficiency Nitrogen Fertilizer Formulation Effect on Pasture Productivity: Forage Yield, Quality, and Clover Persistence.
Kathryn M. Payne, University of Kentucky; Ben M. Goff, University of Kentucky; S. Ray Smith Jr., University of Kentucky; John H. Grove, University of Kentucky; Mark S. Coyne, University of Kentucky; Jeff Lehmkuhler, University of Kentucky
9:20 AM
Yield, Preference, and Forage Nutritive Value of Fall-Planted Annual Grasses Under Horse Grazing at Two Maturities.
Amanda M. Grev, University of Minnesota; Craig C. Sheaffer, University of Minnesota; Devan N. Catalano, University of Minnesota; Michelle L. Schultz, University of Minnesota; Krishona L. Martinson, University of Minnesota
9:35 AM
Effect of Irrigation and Nitrogen Rates on Yield and Quality of Corn for Silage.
Abdelaziz Nilahyane, University of Wyoming; Anowarul M. Islam, University of Wyoming; Axel Garcia y Garcia, University of Minnesota; Abdel O. Mesbah, New Mexico State University
9:50 AM
Polymorphisms at DRD2 Gene Affect Physiological Responses in Heifers Fed Tall Fescue Silage.
Brett T. Jones, University of Missouri; Robert L. Kallenbach, University of Missouri; Cheryl J. Kojima, University of Tennessee
10:05 AM
10:20 AM
Association of Phenotypic Traits with Ploidy and Genome Size in Annual Ryegrass.
Esteban F. Rios, University of Florida; Patricio Munoz, University of Florida; Kevin E. Kenworthy, University of Florida
10:35 AM
Legume Proportion in Mixed-Species Swards Affects Litter Decomposition and Nutrient Release Rates.
Marta Moura Kohmann, University of Florida; Lynn E. Sollenberger, University of Florida; Jose Carlos Batista Dubeux Jr., University of Florida; Leonardo S. B. Moreno, University of Florida
10:50 AM
Inter-Annual Carbon, Evapotranspiration and Sensible Heat Flux Dynamics of Old World Bluestem in the Southern Great Plains.
Sumit Sharma, Texas Tech University; Nithya Rajan, Texas A&M University; Stephen J. Maas, Texas Tech University
11:05 AM
Forage Characteristics of Bermudagrass Pastures Mixed with Pintoi Peanut and Grazed at Different Stubble Heights.
Joao M.D. Dalmazo Sanchez, University of Florida; Joao M.B. Vendramini, University of Florida; Maria Lucia A. Silveira, University of Florida; Lynn E. Sollenberger, University of Florida; Jose Carlos Batista Dubeux Jr., University of Florida; Phillip Lancaster, University of Florida; Frank Kuwahara, Sao Paulo State University; Ulysses Cecato, State University of Maringa; James K. Yarborough, University of Florida; Vinicius C. Gomes, University of Florida
11:20 AM
Effect of Drought on Browse from Three Oak Species.
Caitlyn E. Cooper, Texas A&M University; James P. Muir, Texas A&M AgriLife Research; Georgianne W. Moore, Texas A&M University; Jason G. Vogel, Texas A&M University
11:35 AM