85 Graduate Student Oral Competition: Turfgrass Breeding and Genetics, Stress Tolerance

Oral Session
C05 Turfgrass Science
Turfgrass science graduate student oral competition with the general themes of breeding and genetics, and stress tolerance.

C05 Turfgrass Science

Monday, November 16, 2015: 12:55 PM-4:15 PM
Minneapolis Convention Center, 103 DE

Kelly L. Kopp
Ambika Chandra
12:55 PM
Introductory Remarks
1:00 PM
Genetic Variation of Kikuyugrass in California, Hawaii, and Australia.
Tyler Joseph Mock, University of California-Riverside; James H. Baird, University of California, Riverside; Peter Martin, University of Sydney
1:15 PM
Genetic Diversity of Tall Fescue (Lolium arundinaceum (Screb.) Darbysh.) Cultivars Using Microsatellite (SSR) Markers.
Vincenzo Averello, Rutgers University; Christine Kubik, Rutgers University; Jennifer Vaiciunas, Rutgers University; William A. Meyer, Rutgers University; Stacy A Bonos, Rutgers University; Joshua Honig, Rutgers University
1:30 PM
Improving Selection Accuracy with Post-Hoc Blocking in Turfgrass Breeding.
Lin Xing, University of Florida; Kevin E. Kenworthy, University of Florida; J. Bryan Unruh, West Florida Research and Education Center, University of Florida; Patricio Munoz, University of Florida
1:45 PM
Membrane Composition and Membrane Proteins Associated with Heat Tolerance in Hard Fescue.
Jinyu Wang, Rutgers University; Bingru Huang, Rutgers University
2:00 PM
Chlorophyll Synthesis and Degradation Associated with Heat-Induced Leaf Senescence.
David Jespersen, University of Georgia - Griffin; Bingru Huang, Rutgers University
2:15 PM
Genetic Components Associated with Cold Tolerance and Turf Quality-Related Traits in St. Augustinegrass.
Jennifer Ann Kimball, North Carolina State University; Susana R. Milla-Lewis, North Carolina State University; Maria Carolina Zuleta, North Carolina State University; Steven Edward Mulkey, North Carolina State University; Consuelo Arellano, North Carolina State University; Tan D. Tuong, U.S. Department of Agriculture; David P. Livingston, U.S. Department of Agriculture
2:30 PM
Finding Benefit in Endophytes to Mitigate the Effects of Freezing Stress in Perennial Ryegrass.
Garett Heineck, University of Minnesota; Eric Watkins, University of Minnesota; Angela Orshinsky, University of Minnesota; Nancy Jo Ehlke, University of Minnesota
2:45 PM
2:55 PM
Effect of Polyamines on Salinity Stress Tolerance in Creeping Bentgrass.
Yingmei Ma, Michigan State University; Emily B Merewitz, Michigan State University
3:10 PM
Performance of Fine Fescues Under Two Forms of Traffic.
Hui Chen, Rutgers University; James A. Murphy, Rutgers University; Bradley S. Park, Rutgers University
3:25 PM
The Physiological Response of Rough Bluegrass (Poa trivialis L.) to Red and Blue Light.
Dominic Petrella, University of Minnesota; David S. Gardner, The Ohio State University; Joshua Blakeslee, The Ohio State University; James Metzger, The Ohio State University; T. Karl Danneberger, The Ohio State University
3:40 PM
Sod Tensile Strength and Handling Quality of Entries in the 2013 NTEP Bermudagrass Trial at Stillwater, OK.
Lakshmy Gopinath, Oklahoma State University Horticulture & Landscape Architecture Dept.; Dennis L. Martin, Oklahoma State University; Justin Quetone Moss, Oklahoma State University; Yanqi Wu, Oklahoma State University
3:55 PM
Sod Tensile Strength: How Strong Is Your Bermuda?.
Chrissie Segars, Oklahoma State University; Justin Quetone Moss, Oklahoma State University; Dennis L. Martin, Oklahoma State University; Yanqi Wu, Oklahoma State University; Niels maness, Oklahoma State University
4:10 PM
Concluding Remarks
4:15 PM