163 Environmental Impacts of Land Application of Waste - II

Poster Session
SSSA Division: Soils & Environmental Quality
Monday, November 16, 2015: 4:00 PM-6:00 PM
Minneapolis Convention Center, Exhibit Hall BC

Clinton Williams , Emily Woodward and John Watson
Poster #1616
Identifying Peak Intervals of Denitrification in Land-Applied Wastewater Using Automated Sampling Chamber.
Clay VanderLeest, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Francisco J. Arriaga, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Geoff Siemering, University of Wisconsin - Madison
Poster #1617
Effects of Oil Field Brine Wastewater Spills on Soil Hydraulic Conductivity.
Nathan E. Derby, North Dakota State University; Francis X.M. Casey, North Dakota State University; Thomas M. DeSutter, North Dakota State University
Poster Presentation
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  • Poster #1618
    Effect of Crystallization Inhibitors on the Upward Migration and Harvesting of Salts on Oil-Production-Water Contaminated Soils.
    Aaron Klaustermeier, North Dakota State University; Aaron L.M. Daigh, North Dakota State University; Ryan Limb, North Dakota State University; Kevin Sedivec, North Dakota State University
    Poster #1619
    Improved Interim and Final Reclamation Strategies for Appalachian Shale-Gas Infrastructure.
    Patrick J. Drohan, Pennsylvania State University; Kelly Sitch, Pennsylvania Department of Conservation & Natural Resources; Ben Gamble, Pennsylvania Department of Conservation & Natural Resources; Deric Case, Pennsylvania Department of Conservation & Natural Resources; Seth Cassell, Pennsylvania Department of Conservation & Natural Resources
    Poster #1620
    Liming Characteristics of a Dry Flue Gas Desulfurization Byproduct.
    Jason R. Burgess-Conforti, University of Arkansas; David Miller, University of Arkansas; Kristofor R. Brye, University of Arkansas; Lisa Wood, University of Arkansas
    Poster #1621
    Poster #1622
    Phosphorus Availability in Sand and Silt Loam Soils from Six Wisconsin Biosolids.
    Allee Klug, Wisconsin Lutheran College; Heather McLain, Wisconsin Lutheran College; Angela M. Ebeling, Wisconsin Lutheran College
    Poster #1623
    Evaluating the Bioavailability of Trace Organic Contaminants from Commercial and Municipal Biosolids-Based Fertilizers.
    Michael L. Mashtare Jr., Purdue University; Jihyun R. Kim, Purdue University; Aaron Zull, Purdue University; Linda S. Lee, Purdue University
    Poster #1624
    Nutrient Runoff Losses from Liquid Dairy Manure Applied with Low-Disturbance Methods.
    William Jokela, USDA-ARS; Jess Sherman, USDA-ARS; Jason Cavadini, University of Wisconsin-Madison
    Poster #1625
    Depth-Dependent Survival of Escherichia coli and Enterococci in Soil after Manure Application and Simulated Rainfall.
    Matthew Stocker, USDA - ARS; Robert L. Hill, University of Maryland; Yakov A. Pachepsky, USDA-ARS; Daniel Shelton, USDA - ARS
    Poster #1626
    Altering Soil Nutrient Concentrations in Animal Congregation Areas of an Abandoned Beef Cattle Backgrounding Feedlot through Soil Amendments.
    Annesly Netthisinghe, Western Kentucky University; Rebecca Gilfillen, Western Kentucky University; Paul Woosley, Western Kentucky University; Karamat R Sistani, USDA-ARS; Kimberly L Cook, USDA-ARS
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  • Poster #1627
    Assessing Soil Phosphorus Status in Poultry Production Areas of Mississippi.
    John J. Ramirez-Avila, Mississippi State University; Larry Oldham, Mississippi State University; Sandra L. Ortega-Achury, Mississippi State University; Karl Keith Crouse, Mississippi State University; William L. Kingery, Mississippi State University
    Poster #1628
    Response of Agricultural Soil Greenhouse Gas Fluxes to Amendment with Residual Waste Materials: Effects of Temperature and Moisture.
    Ashley Waggoner, University of Rhode Island; Rebecca Long, University of Rhode Island; Jose Adolfo Amador, University of Rhode Island
    Poster Presentation
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  • Poster #1629
    Short-Term Responses of Annual Ryegrass Cv. Brs Ponteio to Half-Strength Nutrient-Solution Added Mehlich-1-Extracted Sewage Sludge.
    Leonidas P. Passos, EMBRAPA - Empresa Brasileira de Pesquisa Agropecuaria; Andrea Mittelmann, Embrapa Gado de Leite; Jemima Gonçalves Pinto da Fonseca, Doctorate Grad Student, UFJF; Julio Cesar José da Silva, UFJF; Jober Condé Evangelista Freitas, MS Grad Student, UFJF