57 Symposium--ASA-CSSA-SSSA-ESA Plenary: Getting More from Data: Science for Sustainable Solutions

Oral Session
Special Sessions
The session will involve presentations by internationally renown speakers selected to increase awareness of the potential for improved data stewardship and systematic science synthesis to markedly improve the effectiveness and efficiency of research and technology transfer and the level of public confidence in science-based development. A Q and A period with a panel of the speakers will follow the presentations.  The objectives of the session are to:

  • Demonstrate how high quality reviews and literature analysis supported by sound data stewardship revolutionized the relationship between medical research and clinical use of research results with the end result being improved health care for us all.
  • Show the relevancy of the approach used in medicine to agriculture and natural resource management, not just for researchers or research funders, but for those applying research results in the field and the local relevancy and timeliness of science-based solutions.
  • Describe success stories in agriculture or natural resources where improved data stewardship has generated practical tools for evidence based management.
  • Describe the essential elements of good data stewardship, the most common barriers to those elements (institutional and human), and how those barriers can be removed.
  • Launch and connect the numerous data stewardship and evidence-based management activities occurring during the week and that the Societies will be engaging in the future.

Appoved for 2.5 PD CEUs.


Special Sessions

Monday, November 16, 2015: 9:30 AM-12:00 PM
Minneapolis Convention Center, Auditorium Main

Paul E. Fixen
10:50 AM
11:20 AM
Panel Discussion and Q/A with Audience.
Jeffrey J. Volenec, Purdue University
11:50 AM
The Way Forward for the Week and Beyond.
Paul E. Fixen, International Plant Nutrition Institute Americas and Oceania Group
12:00 PM
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