Thursday, 13 July 2006

Electronic Soil Analyzer.

Manav Yadav, Ansal Institute of Technology, 745 Krishi Apartment, D Block, Vikaspuri, New Delhi-110018, India, New Delhi, India

Abstract: Worldwide researchers are working hard to maximize the yield potential of the crops by introducing new hybrid varieties and also trying to keep the nutritional quality and fertility of the soil maintained to its maximum level through natural ways, and by avoiding the chemical uses. The other great complexity problem and the wide greater concern in soils is the problem of “salinity”. While keeping these problems in view and the concerns of the scientists and farmers world wide, with the help of Information Technology and artificial intelligence through the genetic algorithm it would now be possible to analyze the soil content / phk, its nutritional availability, ability, demands, control over drought etc. Though the research planned is still in its prototype functionality, but with the already much advanced research in this field in Israel and in computer science in USA, it would be very soon possible to have an Electronic Soil analyzer. It can be used through various models of usage and according to the field size and area to be installed. With the help of soil analyzer, it would be possible to understand the changing soil patterns in accordance with the climate, along with that it would be also possible to understand the various levels in the ground, knowledge about the soil borne diseases by the help of understanding the bacterial movement and density in the soil type or the moisture content problem, the other could be in controlling the drought etc. the soil analyzer could be developed in the form of a gadget form or in an electro mechanical formation, by which we would move it along in the farm and specific data could be arranged for particular patches in the soils. Both the models would provide to help and understand the soil problem and constraints world over and would eventually help to overcome the problems faced by the Crop management and agriculture sector in particular.

Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, Genetic Algorithm, salinity, phk, drought level, soil borne diseases

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