Saturday, 15 July 2006

Yield and P-Use Efficiency of Five Maize Cultivars under Two P Levels in a Derived Savanna of Nigeria.

Vincent O. Aduramigba-Modupe, Institute of Agricultural Research, Moor Plantation, PMB 5029, Ibadan, 20001, Nigeria

Field experiment was conducted during the 2000 and 2001 growing seasons at Ibadan, Nigeria to evaluate P-use efficiency (kg grain per kg available soil P) and yield of 5 maize cultivars planted early in the season under two levels of P. TZE Comp 4 gave the highest grain yield, while AK 9522-DMR-SR was the most P-use efficient genotype with a higher P harvest index. The variety IYFDCO was the least efficient in utilizing available soil P for grain production, although it had the highest stover weight. Early planting to captive nutrient flush, and application of model calculated optimal amount of P (80 kg/ha) was adequate for production of all the cultivars under the soil conditions of the chosen site.

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