Saturday, 15 July 2006

Ragi Crop Yield and Physical Properties of the Vertisols as Influenced by Residual Effect of Coir Pith Based Compost with other Organics and Inorganics.

A. R. Sushma1, Basavaraja P.K.2, M. S. Badrinath1, and S. Sridhara3. (1) Univ of Agricultural Sciences, Dept of Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry, G.K.V.,K, Bangalore, India, (2) AICRP on STCR, Univ of Agricultural Sciences, GKVK, Bangalore, India, (3) College of Agriculture and Zonal Agricultural Research Station, Shimoga, India

A field experiment was conducted during the kharif season at Zonal Agricultural Research Station, Hiriyur, Karnataka, India, during the year 20032004 to study the residual effect of coir pith based compost with other organics and inorganics on ragi (Eleusine coracane L. Geritt.) crop yield and physical properties of vertisols. Ragi crop was raised without adding any organic or inorganic sources of nutrients to study the residual effect of continuous application of organics and inorganics alone or in combination over five years. The results revealed that combined application of Coir Pith Based Compost (CPBC) @ 45 t ha-1, press mud @45 t ha-1 and 100 per cent RDF over five years produced significantly higher grain yield (37.48 q ha-1) and straw yield (7.60 t ha-1) of ragi crop. Application CPBC @ 90 t ha-1 with 50 per cent RDF over last five years, significantly reduced the bulk density from1.43 to 1.30 Mg m-3 and increased the infiltration rate from 1.38 to 2.80 cm h-1 and per cent porosity from 46.00 to 50.88 of the soil. There was significant increase in MWHC of the soil from 52 to 61 per cent due to application of FYM @ 75 t ha-1 with 100 per cent RDF over five years. An attempt is made to relate the soil physical properties with the grain yield of Ragi. The results indicated that there is a positive relationship between grain yield of ragi with soil physical properties like porosity and water holding capacity where as there exists a negative relationship between apparent specific gravity of the soil and grain yield of Ragi. Keywords: Coir Pith Based Compost (CPBC), press mud (PM), Green manure, Farm Yard Manure(FYM) and Recommended Dose of Fertilizer (RDF), Copper Ore Tailings (COT), Soil physical properties, Maximum Water Holding Capacity (MWHC) and Bulk Density (BD).

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