Saturday, 15 July 2006

N P & K Balance in Swell-Shrink Soil (Vertisol) as Affected by IPNM in Pigeonpea + Soybean (2:4) Intercropping System under Rainfed Conditions in Central India.

Ramesh Chandra Jain, R.A.K. College of Agriculture, 492, St. Annes School Road,, Chanakayapuri, Sehore, India

A field experiment was conducted during two consecutive years i.e. 2000-01 & 2001-2002 in kharif seasons in swell shrink (vertisol) of Sehore, Madhya Pradesh (Central India). The experimental soil had O.C. 4.2 g kg -1, bulk density 1.24g cc-1, pH 7.6 EC 0.28 dSm-1, KMnO4 extractable N 214 Kg/ha-1, Olsen' P 16.2 Kg ha-1 and NH4OAC extractable K 290 Kg ha-1. The treatments were T1 control T2 50% Recommended Doses of Fertilizers (RDF, 10:30:10) T3 100% RDF (20:60:20) T4 FYM 5 t ha-1, T5 vermicompost 3 t ha-1, T6 50% RDF + FYM 5 t ha-1, T7 50% RDF + vermicompost 3 t ha-1, T8 50% RDF + Biofertilizers (Bjaponicum + P.straita), T9 50% RDF + FYM 5 t ha-1+ Biofertilizers and T10 50% RDF + Vermicompost 3 t ha-1 + Biofertilizers. These treatments were replicated three times in a randomized block design. At harvest of crops, soil and plant samples were collected and analysed for N, P and K content as per standard procedures and nutrients balance was computed. The maximum gain of available N, P and K status in soil was fetched with the application of 50% RDF + VC 3 t/ha + bio-fertilizer (T10) i.e. 103.10 kg/ha, 13.53 kg/ha and 32.26 Kg/ha, respectively in pigeonpea occupied soil, while in soybean occupied soil, the maximum gain of available NPK status was 126.10 kg/ha, 15.11 kg/ha and 66.56 kg/ha, respectively. The values of over all gain through application of 50% RDF + FYM 5 t/ha + bio-fertilizer (T9) i.e. 96.8 kg/ha, 13.52 kg/ha and 29.83 kg/ha, respectively were recorded in pigeonpea occupied soil, while in soybean occupied soil, these were 106.5 kg/ha, 12.74 kg/ha and 53.86 kg/ha, respectively.

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