Saturday, 15 July 2006

Assessment and studying micromorphological and mineralogical charactricitics of some forest soils of nowshahr kheyrudkenar(mazandaran province),iran.

m.k kianian, university of tehran, natural resources college,karaj,tehran, karaj, Iran

Assessment and studying micromorphological and mineralogical charactricitics of some forest soils of nowshahr kheyrudkenar(mazandaran province),iran J.ALIOLAD, SH.MAHMOODI, M.K. KIANIAN, A.ABTAHI, M.HASHEMI Former graduated student,associate professor soil science,m.s.c student of natural resources college in university of Tehran ,professor soil science university of shiraz.m.s.c student green space drawing,university of tehran. Abstract: The educational-experimental forest of kheyrudkenar with 8017 hectare surface area is located about 7km east of Nowshahr in Mazandaran province.In recent studying for: 1.studying the soils genesis and development under region moisture and temperature regimes. 2.studying physico-chemical and morphological characteristics of foregoing forest. 3.studying the mineralogical characteristics of this soils. 4.studying the micromorphological characteristics. 5.complition and confirmation the information of pedology with micromorphological and mineralogical studies. 6.soil exact classification. Therefore as for this purposes after the primary studying on topography maps and with consideration to vegetational coverage,moist climate and calcareous parent material,some profiles were dug out from 30-1000m above sea level and 6 profile on different physiography units were choosen to exact studying.after field studying from different horizons disturbed samples for studying physico-chemical and mineralogical characteristics and undisturbed samples for assessing micromorphological characteristics choosed. Among soil forming factors climate,topography and plant coverage from other factors importance. Humification,decalcification,clay elluviation-illuviation and gleization were the most important processes responsible for evolution of the studied soils.x-ray diffraction studies of the clay size minerals showed that main clay minerals are:montmorillonite,vermiculite,illite,kaolinite,,chlorite and hydroxyl inter layer minerals. The results of micromorphological studies showed that in subsurface horizons,argillic horizon,clear observation.also,fe and mn nodules with clay film in many voides that formes juxtaposed and superimposed coating were that probably showed high accumulation clay in sub horizon of some soils and finally change the regime to aquic were observed.textural,amorphous,crystallic and fabric pedofeatures in investigated soils,were observed too. Key words: soil classification, micromorphological characreristics, physicochemical characteristics, mineralogical characreristics, soil Genesis and evolution,soil forming factors and soil forming processes.

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