Saturday, 15 July 2006

Potential of Soil and Water Resources for Agricultural Development in Bahariya Oasis. III. Potentiality of water resources.

Mohamed Abbas Rasheed and Khaled Mohamed Darwish. National Research Centre - Soils and Water Use Dept., Tahreer St., Dokki, Cairo - Egypt, Cairo, 12622, Egypt

Water resources in the Bahariya depression mainly depend on the available groundwater sources. Springs and wells are the two main sources that provide the cultivated areas. This study is dealing with the hydro-chemical characteristics of the groundwater in Bahariya. The study depends on the chemical analysis of the available water points. The distribution of the chemical constituents (major, minor and trace elements) is discussed vertically through the different localities.In general terms, under the common use of furrow surface irrigation systems in the study area, the use of Bahariya groundwater sources for irrigation is considered to be safe and acceptable with negligible injury to soils and vegetations. However, in case of using drip or sprinkling irrigation systems, the suitability might be different, due to the expected chemical and physical blocking processes that might occur through the irrigation nets by the heavy precipitated materials.

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