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Genesis and Classification of Soils in Alborz region in the north of Iran.

Hossein Torabi-Golsefidi, Faculty of Agriculture, Shahed University, First of Free-way Tehran to Qom, Tehran, Iran

Genesis and Classification of Soils in Alborz region in the north of Iran


H. Torabi-Golsefidi

Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Soil Science,  Shahed University, Tehran, Iran.




            This research was carried out to determine the development and classification of soils in Alborz region in the north of Iran. Study site is located Mazandaran Province (36˚ 42́  9˝ N and 51˚00́ 7˝E) with 40 to 70 m elevation from the Caspian Sea. The lithological characteristics are deposits of Juracic and Keretace and contains of marn, sand stone, clay stone, quartzite and igneous basic rocks. The land uses of study site are citrus and paddy fields after leveling and terracing. Soil survey detail in 70 profiles was conducted by soil survey staff. Results showed that soil development in piedmont alluvial deposits were more than river alluvial deposits. Due to the high rain fall and eluviations of clay to subsurface, Argilic horizon was formed in two parts. Also, argilic horizon on piedmont alluvial deposits was more in developed than the river alluvial deposits. There were Vertic properties in developed soils on piedmont alluvial deposits, although, soils developed on transported materials have many gravels and stones. In addition, fragipan properties observed in fine river alluvial deposits. A 8 series were distinct and classified in two systems of soil taxonomy and WRB at below.


Soil series

(Soil Families U.S.D.A. Soil Taxonomy)


Nash - 1

Fine, mixed, superactive, thermic Vertic Hapludalf

Vertic Luvisol

Nash - 2

Fine, mixed, superactive, thermic Vertic Eutriudept

Vertic Cambisol

Nash - 3

Fine, mixed, superactive, thermic Fluventic Eutriudept

Vertic Cambisol

Nash - 4

Fine, mixed, active, thermic Aeric Vertic Epiaqualf

Stagnic Luvisol

Nash - 5

Clayey skeletal, mixed, active, thermic Typic Hapludalf

Haplic Luvisol

Nash - 6

Fine loamy, mixed, superactive, thermic Typic Fragiudalf

Fragic Luvisol

Nash - 7

Fine silty, mixed, superactive, thermic Pachic Hapludoll

Skeletic Phaeozem

Nash - 8

Loamy skeletal, mixed, active, thermic Typic Eutriudept

Skeletic Cambisol


 Key Word: Soil Genesis, Alborz Mountains Ranges, Mazandaran, Iran.











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