Thursday, 13 July 2006

Viticutlural Practices For very Acidic Soils.

daniel Roberts, integrated winegrowing, 8207 Candy Apple Lane, Sebastopol, CA 95472

In very acidic soils (pH<5.0), aluminum solubility increases and is taken up rapidly by vine roots. Aluminum in the roots interferes in phosphorous, calcium and magnesium uptake and utilization. Application of lime raises pH and decreases aluminum solubility but lime is insoluble (0.0014g/l) and does not move deep into the sopil profile even with deep tillage. Gypsum is more soluble than lime (2.41 g/l) and can move deeper into the soil neutralizing aluminum. Even with gypsum applications, phosphorous avaialability does not increase and becaomes a limiting factor for vine growth in these soils. Planting vines at narrow sapcing producing small vines with limited yield ( 1 kilo/vine) will reduce phosphorous requirement and make these soils manageable for viticulture.

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