Tuesday, 11 July 2006

Water Balancing Precision Weighable Lysimeters.

Georg Von Unold, UMS, Gmunder Strasse 37, Munich, Germany and Hans Fank III, Joanneum Research, Elisabethstrasse 16, Graz, Austria.

Presentation of modular Monolithic Weighable Lysimeter designs as tools for water balance and solute transport determination and their different designs. Their typical applications are in soil science, agronomy, hydrology and climatology. Different needs by applications require application-oriented construction, measurement equipment, handling and data usage. Four types of lysimeters are presented. In general the surface depends on area heterogenity, the depth depends on the soil water shed or needs a water supply unit, the weighing resolution is 0.01 mm of water equivalent and the measure intervall is several seconds for determination of ET and ETo. Right above the bottom plate the monolith is equipped with a matrix potential area where the soil tension measured in the corresponding field depth is projected to. A typical lysimeter design is shown in figure No. 1.




Figure 1: Sketch of a Hydrologic Field Lysimeter

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