Monday, 10 July 2006

The Relation between the Content of Organic Phosphorus and Latitude in Northeast China Phaeozem.

Wantai Yu and Shaohua Zhao. Institute of applied ecology, #72 Wenhua road, Shenhequ, Shenyang, 110016, China

Top phaeozem samples were collected from Nenjing County (in Heilongjiang Province) to Changtu County (in Liaoning Province) in Northeast China every 6 km by using global position system (GPS) and analyzed for their chemical and physical. The results show that the content of organic phosphorus was significantly correlated with latitude (p<0.01). The total phosphorus and inorganic to organic phosphorus (P0/Pi) ratio were also significantly correlated with latitude (p<0.01). The correlation coefficient were 0.7682 (Organic P), 0.6785 (Total P) and 0.600 (inorganic P), respectively. The organic phosphorus was also correlated with organic carbon and total nitrogen (p<0.01), with correlation coefficient of 0.8945 and 0.9275, respectively. Since inorganic phosphorus content was not correlated with latitude (r2=0.07) and the content of organic phosphorus and total phosphorus was significantly correlated (p<0.01, r=0.8370), it is reasonable to hypothesize that organic phosphorus can play an important role in the spatial differentiation of total phosphorus and the P0/Pi ratio. Probably, the causes of this spatial differentiation were the effects of climate and reclamation variations along the North-south transect.

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