Saturday, 15 July 2006

Albic Soil Classification Reference in the Northern Subtropical Region of China.

Ke-ning WU, Department of Land Science and Technology, China University of Geoscience, 29,Xueyuan Road , Haidian Dist, Bejing, 100083, China

Abstract This paper deals with the basic properties and taxonomic classification of Albic Yellow-Cinnamon soils in the northern subtropical region in China. It expounds the sedimental origin, regional environment, forming process, genetic properties and taxonomic classification of soils.The formation of argic horizon involved both residual and illuvial argillification. Clay minerals were mainly composed of hydrous mica, Kaolinite, vermiculite, and montmorllonite in small amount, showing soil's transitional properties of southern and northern region in China.gDThe analysis of the four typical soil profile, by means of new taxonomical principle and method of Chinese Soil Taxonomy (Revised proposal, 2001),the complete soil taxonomic classification of the four soil profile were obtained,they could be allocated in Argosols order, Udalf suborder, Albic- Udic Argosols great group and respectively subgroup. On the basis of obtained data ,the high category classification status of ST, WRB, and Chinese Soil Category Classification System were analyzed, and the high category classification reference were get accordingly. Key words albic yellow-cinnamon soils,diagnostic horizons,diagnostic characteristics,soil taxonomy,high category classification reference

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