Saturday, 15 July 2006

Evaluation the Effect of Endomycorrhiza (Glomus spp.) on Tomato under Stress Conditions.

Huang Shan-Ney Sr., TDARES,R.O.C, 70 Muchang,Hsinhua, Tainan, 712, Taiwan

This experiment was attempted to explore the effect of endomycorrhizal fungi (Glomus spp.) and the innoculation of endomycorrhiza plus chemical fertilizers on the growth and yield of tomato. Results showed that the infection rates by Glomus spp. of the two tomato varieties Taichung AVRDC No.10 and Taiwan seed service No.7 were 59.9%and 55.7%,respectively. Higher fresh and dry weights of the above-ground parts in the plants were found in the two varieties inoculated with Glomus spp. For the under-ground parts, TSS No.7 also was found with higher fresh in the Glomus inoculated plants. However, in the Taichung AVRDC No.10 dry weight is also better, but not the fresh weight. For phosphorus content, higher amount was found in the plants inoculated with Glomus plus half-amount of phosphorus fertilizers. Data of the fruit yield revealed that all treatments inoculated with Glomus spp. plus application of chemical fertilizers were higher than that of the conventional method used by the famers (chemical fertilizers only). Best yield was found in the variety TSS No.7 inoculated with Glomus plus half-amount of P- fertilizer. However, in the variety Taichung AVRDC No.10, best yield was found in the treatment with full amount of chemical fertilizers. Therefore, whether or not, the inoculation of Glomus will increase the fruit yield needed further tested. Higher sugar content was found in the treatment with recommended chemical fertilizer plus half-amount of P- fertilizer. Best yield was found in the variety Taichung AVRDC No.10 inoculated with Glomus plus full chemical fertilizers.Plant growth was found better in the treatments inoculated with Glomus whether it is under water stress or not, and the plants with sufficient water yieled better than those under water stress. Best yield was found in the treatment with sufficient water plus inoculation of Glomus. Keywords: Endomycorrhiza,Tomato,Biofertilizer. Shan-Ney Huang; Jui-Chang Huang; Chin-Ching Lin1 Tainan District Agriculture Research and Extension Station Council of Agriculture, Taiwan. 1.Director, assistant researcher and horticulturist,respectively.

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