Saturday, 15 July 2006

Cartoon As a Teaching Aid for Soil Sciences.

Hae-Nam Hyun, Cheju National University, Jeju, Korea, 690-756, Jeju, South Korea, Yi Nam, National Agricultural Cooperative Federation (Nonghyup), Seoul, Korea, Seoul, South Korea, and Jae E. Yang, Div. of Biol. Environ. Coll. of Agri. & Life Sciences, Kangwon National University, Chuncheon city 200-701, South Korea.

Numerous methods can be employed to teach students and farmers on soil science and fertilizer. The cartoon is one of the most effective teaching aids both for instructors and students. Instructor becomes a director of the cartoon to organize the framework of story based on the chapter of lecture. Director should adapt the regular sentence on soil science into the short and concise scenario suitable for the visual expression of the cartoon, followed by the selection of the scene for drawing. Next is to cast the instructor for the role of actor or sometimes supporter. After casting, the director starts to draw each cut of the cartoon in sequence. I published the cartoons in weekly serials in the farmer's newspaper for three years. Each cartoon was composed of eighteen cuts and formatted with the introductory, main and conclusive issues. Cartoon started with dialogues between the cast on subject to stimulate the interest by farmers, inserted the tables and graphs for the scientific knowledge and summarized the chapter. Major contents covered in the cartoons were glossary, nutrient uptake, pH, salt accumulation, moisture, pollution, chemical fertilizer, compost and other general aspects of soils. Cartoons had been very popular serial of the newspaper and are archived in the web for reviewing.

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