Saturday, 15 July 2006

The Effectiveness of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi (AMF) Inoculation of Korean Ginseng (Panax Ginseng C.A. Meyer) Seedlings.

Eun Ju Cho1, Seo Young Jin1, Chi Do We1, Ju Sik Cho1, Hong Lim Kim2, and Bo Kyoon Sohn1. (1) Dept of Biological Environment, Sunchon National Univ, #315 Makgok-dong, Suncheon, 540-742, South Korea, (2) National Horticultural Research Institute, Suwon, South Korea

In the field condition, we investigated the growth response of one year-old Korean ginseng seedlings inoculated with AMF(46 spores per seedling) at transplanting time. The chemical properties of the field soil were a pH of 5.9 , 0.20 dS/m of EC, 279.7 mg/kg of P2O5, 1.61 g/kg of SOM, 0.06 % of T-N, 0.62 cmol/kg of exchangeable K, 1.86 cmol/kg of Ca, 0.82 cmol/kg of Mg and 0.22 cmol/kg of Na. Sixteen weeks after inoculation with AMF, the growth of mycorrhizal ginseng plants were improved by additional inoculation of AMF. Root fresh weight (5.92 g), leaf area (158.60 cm2) and chlorophyll content (3.2 mg/100cm3) of AMF inoculated ginseng plants demonstrated significant improvement in comparison with root fresh weight (3.21 g), leaf area (105.78 cm2) and chlorophyll content (2.9 mg/100cm3) of non-inoculated plants. The macro- and micro-nutrient concentrations of the ginseng plants inoculated with AMF were highly increased compared to those of non-inoculated ones. The spore densities of AMF in the rhizosphere soil at 16 weeks after inoculation with and without AMF were 256.8 and 186.3 spores/30g fresh soil, respectively. The AMF infection rate in lateral roots of AMF inoculated ginseng plants was approximately 19% higher compared to the lateral roots of non-inoculated control plants. Taken together, we can conclude that inoculation of ginseng seedlings with AMF at transplanting time may enhance plant growth and consequently improve the yield of ginseng root.

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