Saturday, 15 July 2006

Fertilizer Application Methods for Cotton.

Enes Furlani Jr.1, Nelson Machado da Silva2, Luiz Henrique Carvalho2, and Marcelo Andreotti2. (1) São Paulo State Univ, Brasil avenue, 56, Ilha Solteira, 15385-000, Brazil, (2) Insituto Agronômico, Barão de Itapura, 1481, Campinas, 13001-970, Brazil

The present work was developed in four agricultural seasons, in different localities of the São Paulo State, Brazil, at Pindorama (96/97), Tatuí (96/97 e 97/98), Votuporanga (96/97, 97/98, 98/99 e 99/00), sand soils, Campinas (96/97, 97/98 e 99/00) sand loam soils, Ilha Solteira (98/99), Ituverava (96/97 ) e Miguelópolis (97/98 e 98/99) clay soils. The experimental design was complete blocks with four replications. The cotton cultivar was the IAC 22 with four lines disposed in plots with 20 m-2. Treatments: 1-Ridge application (12-60-50 kg/ha of N-P-K); 2- third part of the fertilizer on the ridges and the amount remain by broadcasting; 3- fifth part of the fertilizer on the ridges and the amount remain by broadcasting; 4- Broadcast (12-60-50 kg/ha of N-P-K); 5- Broadcast (0-60-50 kg/ha of N-P-K); 6- Broadcast (12-00-50 kg/ha of N-P-K).; 7- Broadcast (12-60-00 kg/ha of N-P-K); 8- Broadcast (0-60-50 kg/ha of N-P-K) and 50 kg of N/ha by covering; 9- Broadcast (0-60-0 kg/ha of N-P-K). It can be concluded that in traditional cultivated cotton fields, the broadcast fertilization can be useful, mainly by the nutrient accumulation during the years. It is possible to use the higher amount of fertilizer by broadcasting and the lesser amount in the seed ridges. The phosphorus and the potassium can be applied, both or single, by broadcasting before the sowing, and the nitrogen must be applied by covering. The continuously fertilized fields can be fertilized by broadcasting, without sowing application and with nitrogen and nitrogen and potassium application by covering.

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