Saturday, 15 July 2006

Study on the Contents of Shallow Profile Soil and Biomass Carbon under Different Plant Processes.

Kun Shi, Dalian Jiaotong Univ, Environmental Science and Engineering School, Liaoning Dalian, China

The shallow profile soil organic carbon and biomass carbon contents, which were of pine, poplar, and shrubbery in two years (2003, 2004) and grassland, upland in one year (2004) respectively in Ningxia Guyuan, were analyzed. The results showed that the biomass and biomass carbon of pine, poplar and shrubbery in 2004 were all higher than those in 2003 due to the plant growth. The mean biomass of standard wood followed the trend pine (48.88 kg) >poplar (37.56 kg), and both higher than shrubbery (7.22 kg m-2), grassland (1.44 kg m-2) and upland (0.85 kg m-2) in unit area, meanwhile the biomass carbon would increase if the biomass grew up more. The biomass of underground was much less than that of aboveground. It was obvious that the effects of biomass on the carbon sink in different plant processes were very important. The distribution law of the plant carbon content under different plant processes was coincident, which of branch, trunk, leaf were higher, while the forest floor and its root were lower relatively. The distribution of carbon content of root in different layers had close correlation with its ambient soil carbon content. The soil carbon contents between different layers under the same plant process were statistically significant different (P < 0.05), and anyway it presented a decrease trend with the depth as a whole. Keywords: plant process; shallow profile soil; soil carbon content ; amount of biomass carbon.

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