Saturday, 15 July 2006

Interaction Effect Between Zn and P on the Yield Attributes and Content of Zn in Stevia rebaudiana.

Kuntal Das, St. John's Pharmacy College, 6,R.P.C Lay out, Vijaya Nagar , 2nd Stage, Bangalore-560 040, India, Bangalore, 560 040, India and Raman Dang, Al-Ameen College of Pharmacy, Hosur Road,Bangalore-560 027, Bangalore, 560 027, India.

A green house experiment was conducted at the Indian Institute of Horticultural Research, Hessaraghatta, Bangalore to study the interaction effect between Zn and P on the yield attributes and content of Zn in Stevia rebaudiana, a non caloric medicinal and natural.Therefore, the present investigation was undertaken to improve the yield as well as quality through the use of modern agro-techniques. The treatments used for the present investigation are T1, only soil (control, -P, -Zn); T2, Soil (control, +P, -Zn); T3, soil + ZnSO4 @ 10 kg ha-1 (-P); T4, ZnSO4 @ 0.2% ha-1 foliar spray (-P); T5, soil + ZnSO4 @ 10 kg ha-1 + ZnSO4 @ 0.2% ha-1 foliar spray (-P); T6, soil + ZnSO4 @ 10 kg ha-1 (+P); T7, ZnSO4 @ 0.2% ha-1 foliar spray (+P); T8, soil + ZnSO4 @ 10 kg ha-1 + ZnSO4 @ 0.2% ha-1 foliar spray (+P). The results show that the total weight of fresh, oven dried biomass and growth attributes have been found to be highest in the treatment T5 where ZnSO4 was applied as soil (10 kg ha-1) foliar (0.2 %) combinedly, The content of Zn in plants was recorded highest in the treatment T4 where ZnSO4 at 0.2 % was applied as foliar while that of the same content recorded lowest in the treatment T6 where Zn and P was applied combinedly. Key words : Interaction, P, Stevia, yield attributes, Zn.

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