Tuesday, 11 July 2006: 10:15 AM
Convention Center, Room 114, First Floor
34: 1.1A Hydropedology: Fundamental Issues and Practical Applications - Oral
Presiding:Henry Lin, Penn State Universtiy
Convenor:Johannes Bouma, retired
10:15 AMInterpreting Morphological Features in Wetland Soils with Hydrologic Models.
Michael Vepraskas, NC State Univ, Peter V. Caldwell, NC State Univ
10:45 AMHydropedology: Links to Neighboring Disciplines.
Miroslav Kutilek, Soil and Tillage Research, Donald R. Nielsen, Univ of California, Dept LAWR Hydrologic Science
11:05 AMCalcium amendments to reduce dissolved organic carbon from subcatchments.
David J. Chittleborough, University of Adelaide, Jim W. Cox, CSIRO Land and Water, Jon Varcoe, University of Adelaide, John Van Leeuwen, University of South Australia
11:25 AMEvolution of a spatially heterogeneous paleocryogenic soilscape and its impact upon formation of coupled moisture and thermal regimes.
Evgeny Shein, Moscow State University
Part 1 
11:45 AMInterrelationships between soil and water in tropical peatlands.
Henk Wösten, Alterra - Wageningen University and Research Centre, Aswandi Idris, Jambi University

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