Saturday, 15 July 2006: 8:00 AM-11:00 AM
Convention Center, Exhibit Hall A, Second Floor
120: 1.1B Site Disturbance: The Role of Soil Morphology in its Assessment - Poster
Presiding:Geoff Humphreys, Macquarie University
Convenor:Brenda Buck, "Dept Geosciences, UNLV"
Use of Ground-Penetrating Radar to Assess Soil Heterogeneity.
Eric Sucre, Virginia Tech Univ, Thomas Fox, Virginia Tech Univ
Effects of Anthropogenic Disturbance on Riparian Hydric Soils in Urbanizing Coastal Landscapes.
Sean W. Donohue, Univ of Rhode Island, Mark H. Stolt, Univ of Rhode Island, Arthur J. Gold, Univ of Rhode Island, Peter Groffman, Inst Of Ecosystem Studies
Applied Aspects of Studying the Holocene Evolution of Soil–Vegetation Complexes in the Middle Amur Region, the Far East of Russia.
Marina I. Skripnikova, V.V. Dokuchaev Soil Science Inst, Olga N. Uspenskaya, V.V. Dokuchaev Soil Science Inst
Morphology of Built Soils on Rehabilitated Bauxite Mines.
Geoffrey Kew, Univ of Western Australia, Robert Gilkes, Univ of Western Australia
Paleosoils of Burial Hills and their Modern Natural Analogues.
Roman V. Kuznetsov, Rostov State Univ, Vladimir S. Kryschenko, Rostov State Univ, Elena N. Karavaeva, Rostov State Univ, Tatiyana M. Magomedova, Rostov State Univ
Application of Geomorphological and Pedological Characteristics to a Plains Indian Archaeological Site.
Crystal J. Frey, Univ of Missouri, Randall Miles, Univ of Missouri, W. Raymond Wood, Univ of Missouri
Soil Structure Resulting from Earthworm Bioturbations and Soil Evolution in Landscape.
Denis PIRON, University of Rennes 1, Christian Walter, INRA, Daniel Cluzeau, University of Rennes1, Guenola Pérès, University of Rennes1, Stéphane Follain, INRA
Catenary Variations of Soil Morphology in Relation to Conversion of Subtroplical Soils to Agriculture.
Zhao Qiguo, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Bin Zhang, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ming-zhu Wang, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Yuan-shu Jing, Chinese Academy of Sciences, A. Thimm, Ruhr- Univ Bochum, H. Zepp, Ruhr- Univ Bochum
Response of Soil Micro-structure to Land Use Shifting in the Loess Plateau of China.
Xiubin He Sr., Inst of Mountain Hazards and Environment, Guobin Liu, Inst of Soil and Water Conservation
Mapping of Micromorphometric Types of Pore Space in Loamy Soils.
Elena B. Skvortsova, V.V. Dokuchaev Soil Science Inst, Polina V. Koroleva, V.V. Dokuchaev Soil Science Inst
Organogeochemical Investigations of Black Soils in Northwestern Germany Reveal Prehistoric Agricultural Burning.
Eileen Eckmeier, Univ of Zurich, Dept. of Geography, Renate Gerlach, Rheinisches Amt fuer Bodendenkmalpflege, Guido L.B. Wiesenberg, Univ of Cologne, Dept. for Geology and Mineralogy, Jan O. Skjemstad, CSIRO Land and Water, Ursula Tegtmeier, Univ of Cologne, Instof Prehistoric Archaeology, Klaas Van der Borg, Van de Graaff Lab, Utrecht Univ, Michael W. I. Schmidt, Univ of Zurich, Dept. of Geography

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