Thursday, 13 July 2006: 1:15 PM
Convention Center, Room 108AB, First Floor
71: 1.3B Essence Diagnostic and Time-Scales of Natural and Human-Induced Pedogenic Processes - Oral
Presiding:Gan-Lin Zhang, Institute of Soil Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Convenors:Angel Faz Cano, Univ. Politecnica, Paseo Alfonso XIII
John Galbraith, Dept. of Crop & Soil Env. Sci.
1:15 PMSoil Development in the Hawaiian Islands.
Oliver Chadwick, Univ of California
1:45 PMMorphological, Microscopic and Isotopic Studies of Carbonate Pedofeatures: Current Problems of Interpretation and Application In Biogeosciences.
Irina V. Kovda, Institute of Geography, Lawrence P. Wilding, Dept of Soil and Crop Sciences, Texas A&M Univ, Claudia I. Mora, Dept. Of Earth And Planetary Sciences
2:05 PMDevelopment of Clay Minerals in Terrestrial Soils for the Mediterranean Portugal Related to Type of Rock and Age of Soil Formation.
Karl Stahr, Institute of Soil Science and Land Evaluation, Univ of Hohenheim, Mehdi Zarei, Institute of Soil Science and Land Evaluation, Univ of Hohenheim, Reinhold Jahn, Institute of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition, Martin Luther Univ, Daniela Sauer, Institute of Soil Science and Land Evaluation, Univ of Hohenheim
2:25 PMPost-fire Pedogenic Response: Wildfire Effects on the Soil Environment in a 60-Year-Old Biosequence.
Robert C. Graham, Univ of California, Louise M. Egerton-Warburton, Chicago Botanic Garden, Paul F. Hendrix, Institute of Ecology, Peter J. Shouse, George E. Brown, Jr. Salinity Laboratory, USDA-ARS, Jodi L. Johnson-Maynard, Univ. of Idaho, Sylvie A. Quideau, Univ. of Alberta, Paul D. Sternberg, University of California, Jack A. Jobes, George E. Brown, Jr. Salinity Laboratory, USDA-ARS, Joan M. Breiner, University of California
2:45 PMEffect of 1200 Years of Agricultural History on Top-Soil Horizon Formation and Related Soil Organic Carbon Storage in Hedgerows Network Landscape.
Stéphane Follain, ISA-LILLE, Christian Walter, UMR SAS INRA Agrocampus Rennes, Dominique Marguerie, UMR 6566 CNRS-Univ. Rennes 1, Philippe Bonté, UMR 1572 CEA-CNRS, Blandine Lemercier, UMR SAS Agrocampus-Rennes/INRA, Gilles Dutin, UMR SAS Agrocampus-Rennes/INRA, Irène Lefèvre, UMR 1572 CEA-CNRS

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