Saturday, 15 July 2006: 8:00 AM-11:00 AM
Convention Center, Exhibit Hall A, Second Floor
129: 1.3PD Soils on Limestones: Their Properties, Genesis, and Role in Human Societies - Poster
Presiding:Zbigniew Zagorski, Division of Soil Science, Department of Soil Environmental Sciences, Warsaw Agricultural University - SGGW
Convenors:Sergey V. Goryachkin, Institute of Geography, Russian Academy of Sciences
Michael Singer, Department of Land, Air, and Water Resources
Mediteranean Forest Soils of Croatia.
Boris Vrbek, Forest Research Institute, Jastrebarsko
Impact of Limestone Mining Activity on Soil Properties.
Ajaz Khan, Acharya N.G. Ranga Agricultural Univ, Prabhu Prasadini, Acharya N.G. Ranga Agricultural Univ, Ramesh Thatikunta, Acharya N.G. Ranga Agricultural Univ
Comparison of Two Fractionation Methods for Determination of Distribution of Chemical Forms of Manganese in Highly Calcareous Soils.
Najafali Karimian, College of Agriculture, Seyed Ali Ghaffari-Nejad, College of Agriculture
The Peculiarities of Rendzina Genesis.
Mihail A. Kutrovskiy, Rostov State Univ, Vladimir F. Val'Kov, Rostov State Univ
Origin and Distribution of Clay Minerals of Semi-arid Soils Of Kohgilouye Boyerahmad Province, Southwestern Iran.
Hamidreza Owliaie, Yasouj University, Ali Abtahi, , Shiraz University, Shiraz, Iran, Farhad Khormali, Gorgan University of Agricultural and Natural Resource, Gorgan, Iran, Majid Baghernejad, Shiraz University, Shiraz, Iran
Geomorphology and Parent Material Relationships: Refining Second Order Soil Surveys in Kansas Using GIS and Terrain Analysis.
DeAnn Presley, Kansas State Univ, Michel D. Ransom, Kansas State Univ, W.A. Wehmueller, USDA-NRCS
Micromorphology and Stable Isotope Investigation of Lacustrine Sediments on the Southern High Plains of Texas and New Mexico.
Dusten Russell, Texas Tech University, Wayne Hudnall, Texas Tech University, B.L. Allen, Texas Tech University
Comparison between Humic Extract Color by Reflection and Transmission in Two Mollisols.
Ana-Patricia Fernandez-Getino, DPTO. Edafologia E.T.S.I. Agronomos, Univ Politecnia De Madrid, Jose-Maria Gasco, DPTO. Edafologia E.T.S.I. Agronomos, Univ Politechnica de Madrid, Francisca Guerrero, Univ. de Madrid
Soils on Hard Calcareous and Gypseous Rocks:Distribution, Genesis and Problems of Classification.
Sergey V. Goryachkin, Institute of Geography, Russian Academy of Sciences
How Should Soil Texture be Determined for Chalk Soil?.
Ruth Kerry, Dept of Geography, Brigham Young Univ, Margaret A. Oliver, Dept of Soil Science, Reading Univ
Evolution of the Soil Cover of a Limestone Plateau as a Consequence of Climate Cooling : a Predictive Approach.
Sophie Maillant, Laboratoire Sols et Environnement UMR 1120 INPL-INRA, Guillaume Echevarria, Laboratoire Sols et Environnement UMR 1120 INPL-INRA, Michel Gury, Laboratoire Sols et Environnement UMR 1120 INPL-INRA, Brigitte Van Vliet Lanoe, Processus et Bilans des Domaines Sédimentaires, UMR 8110 CNRS, Elisabeth Leclerc-Cessac, Andra, Jean-Louis Morel, Laboratoire Sols et Environnement UMR 1120 INPL-INRA
A Model of Silicate Replacement of Carbonate on Dolomitic Landscapes.
Cynthia Stiles, Univ of Wisconsin - Madison, Krista Stensvold, Univ of Wisconsin - Madison
Soil Development on Calcareous Rocks in Central Siberia.
Dmitry Ye. Konyushkov, V.V. Dokuchaev Soil Science Institute
Crop production, water quality and phosphorus in calcareous soils in South Florida.
Yuncong Li, Tropical Research and Education Center, University of Florida
Origin of Associated Terra Rossa and Karst by Mineral Replacement Driven by Dissolved Dust: A Striking Case of Chemical Geodynamics.
Enrique Merino, Indiana Univ, Amlan Banerjee, Indiana Univ, Steve I. Dworkin, Baylor Univ
Soil-like Properties of Limestone in Yucatán, México.
Hector EstradaMedina, Univ of California-Riverside, Robert C.. Graham, Univ of California-Riverside, Michael F. Allen, Univ of California, Juan Jose Maria Jimenez-Osornio, Univ Autonoma de Yucatan

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