Tuesday, 11 July 2006: 8:00 AM
Convention Center, Room 109AB, First Floor
29: 2.4A Poorly Ordered Nanoparticulate materials (PONM) in Soils - Oral
Presiding:Loren Seaman,
Convenor:Balwant Singh, University of Sydney
8:00 AMChemistry of Fe and Al Nanoparticles in the Environment.
Satish Myneni, Princeton University, Michael Hay, Princeton University, Laura Harrington, Princeton University, Juraj Majzlan, Mineralogisch-Geochemisches Institut
8:30 AMMagnetism and Moessbauer Spectroscopy of Loessic Soils/Paleosols as a Key to Pedogenic Transformation of Fe Minerals and Climate Change.
Tatyana S. Gendler, United Institute of Physics of the Earth RAS, Friedrich Heller, Institut fur Geophysik ETH, Alexander Tsatskin, Zinman Institute of Archaeology University of Haifa, Alla A. Novakova, Physics Faculty Moscow State University
8:50 AMConcomitant Formation of Maghemite and Hematite in Aerobic Soils.
Vidal Barrón, Universidad de Córdoba, Estrella Cabello, Universidad de Córdoba, José Torrent, Universidad de Córdoba
9:10 AMIncorporation of Trace Metals into Polymorphs Alpha- (Goethite) and Gamma- (Lepidocrocite) FeOOH.
Markus Gräfe, The University of Sydney, Balwant Singh, The University of Sydney, Navdeep Kaur, The University of Sydney
9:30 AMThe Nature, Occurence and Significance of Poorly Ordered Nanometric Materials in the Soil Environment.
Bob Gilkes, School of Earth and Geographical Sciences, The University of Western Australia

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