Thursday, 13 July 2006: 1:15 PM
Convention Center, Room 113AB, First Floor
74: 2.4B Soil Mineralogy and Geophysics: Environmental and Soils Management and Mineral Exploration - Oral
Presiding:Robert Fitzpatrick, "CSIRO, Land and Water"
Convenor:Carolyn Olson, USDA-NRCS
1:15 PMSoil Suitability Maps for Ground-Penetrating Radar.
James Doolittle, USDA-NRCS-NSSC, Fred Minzenmayer, USDA-NRCS-NSSC, Sharon Waltman, USDA-NRCS-NGDC, Ellis Benham, USDA-NRCS-NSSC, Wes Tuttle, USDA-NRCS-NSSC, Steve Peaslee, USDA-NRCS-NSSC
1:45 PMUsing Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy in Mineralogical and Geochemical Soil-Regolith Investigations: Australian Case Studies from Depositional and Erosional Landscapes.
John R. Wilford, CRC-LEME/Geosciences Australia, Mark Thomas, CRC-LEME/CSIRO Land and Water/Univ of Adelaide, Robert Fitzpatrick, CRC-LEME/CSIRO Land and Water
2:05 PMExperience in Using the Remote Sensing Materials to Monitor the Long-Term Dynamics of Salinization in Irrigated Soils of the Golodnaya Steppe, Uzbekistan.
Dimitry I. Rukhovich, V.V. Dokuchaev Soil Science Institute, Ekaterina V. Vilchevskaya, V.V. Dokuchaev Soil Science Institute
2:25 PMTrace Element Distribution in the Soils of Peshawar-Pakistan Using GIS.
Samina Siddiqui, Univ of Peshawar-Pakistan
2:45 PMMapping Cation Exchange Capacity and Understanding Mineralogical Differences at the Field Scale in the Lower Namoi Valley of Australia.
John Triantafilis, The Univ of New South Wales, Kevin Lau, The Univ of New South Wales, Sam Buchanan, The Univ of New South Wales

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