Friday, 14 July 2006: 1:15 PM
Convention Center, Room 113AB, First Floor
105: 4.2B Biologically Intensive Agriculture: an Approach to Combating Hunger for the Poor - Oral
Presiding:John Doran, "USDA-ARS, 116 Keim Hall"
Convenors:Hugh Haynes, Southern States Cooperative
Cheryl Palm, Columbia University
1:15 PMBiologically Intensive Agriculture: Moving towards a Sustainable Future for All.
John W. Doran, University of Nebraska and USDA-ARS cooperator, Cheryl Palm, Tropical Agriculture Program, The Earth Institute at Columbia University, Frederick Kirschenmann, Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture, Ken Cassman, University of Nebraska
1:45 PMOpportunities and Constraints for Addressing Human Mineral Micronutrient Malnutrition through Soil Management.
J.M. Duxbury, Cornell University, M. Bodruzzaman, Wheat Research Centre, S.E. Johnson, International Rice Research Institute, J.G. Lauren, Cornell University, C. A. Meisner, IFDC, R.M. Welch, US Plant, Soil & Nutrition Lab.
2:05 PMPotential of Biologically Intensive Agriculture for Feeding People in Kenya: A Case Study of Manor House Agricultural Centre Activities.
Emmanuel Chiwo Omondi Sr., Manor House Agricultural Center, Gatua W. Mbugwa, University of Wyoming, John Jeavons, Ecology Action, Baldas Murambakania, Manor House Agricultural Center, Rhoda Nyambori, Manor House Agricultural Center, Margaret Wamalwa, Manor House Agricultural Center, Elijah Mulegwa, Manor House Agricultural Center, Sandra Mardigian, Kilili Self Help Project, John Okomba, Manor House Agricultural Center
2:25 PMProductivity, Promotion, and the System of Rice Intensification (SRI): A Case for Caution in the Process of Agricultural Innovation.
Andrew J. McDonald, Cornell University, Peter Hobbs, Cornell University, Susan Riha, Cornell University
2:45 PM“CIESA Project, a Biointensive Model for Food Security in Argentina”.
Juan Fernando Pia, CIESA (Research and Teaching Centre of Sustainable Agriculture), Mark Jordan, CIESA, Conrado Tognetti, CEDHA & ARS

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