Friday, 14 July 2006: 3:30 PM-5:30 PM
Convention Center, Exhibit Hall A, Theater 2, Second Floor
107: 1.1A Hydropedology: Fundamental Issues and Practical Applications - Theater II
Presiding:Hangsheng Lin, Penn State Univ.
Convenor:Johannes Bouma, retired
Correlation of Redoximorphic Features to Hydrology.
David L. Lindbo, Soil Science Dept, North Carolina State Univ, Erik D. Severson, USDA-NRCS, Gerren Lanier, Soil Science Dept, North Carolina State Univ, Michael Vepraskas, Soil Science Dept, North Carolina State Univ
Hydropedology Applied to Imperfectly Drained Landscapes in Closed Basins.
Jim Richardson, NRCS-USDA, David Hammer, NRCS-USDA
Soil-Hydrology Interpretations Developed from Soil Surveys Based on Soil Morphology.
Doug Wysocki, NRCS-USDA, Jim Richardson, NRCS-USDA, David Hammer, NRCS-USDA, Steve Peasley, NRCS-USDA
Concepts of Pedology, Geomorphology and Hydrology for Flat Landscapes.
Philip J. Schoeneberger, USDA-NRCS, Jim Richardson, NRCS-USDA, Douglas Wysocki, Natural Resource Conservation Service, Wesley L. Miller, USDA-NRCS
Hydropedological Map of the Republic of Croatia.
Zeljko Vidacek, Soil Science Dept of Agricultural Faculty Univ of Zagreb, Matko Bogunovic, Soil Science Dept Agricultural Faculty Univ of Zagreb, Stjepan Husnjak, Soil Science Dept of Agricultural Faculty Univ of Zagreb, Mario Sraka, Soil Science Dept of Agricultural Faculty Univ of Zagreb, Aleksandra Bensa, Soil Science Dept of Agricultural Faculty Univ of Zagreb
Capturing Heritage Soil Survey Data for Pedometric Analysis and Modelling: the S-map Approach.
Allan E. Hewitt, Landcare Research, Linda Lilburne, Landcare Research, Ian H. Lynn, Landcare Research, Trevor H. Webb, Landcare Research
Soil Classification Based on Water and Chemical Transport.
Virgil L. Quisenberry, Clemson Univ, Sylvia Koszinski, ZALF
Deriving Soils Information from Foundation Data and Knowledge.
Daniel M. Brough, Natural Resources & Mines Queensland, Mike J. Grundy, Natural Resources & Mines Queensland, Neil J. McKenzie, CSIRO Land and Water, David W. Jacquier, CSIRO Land and Water
Impact of Soil Structure on Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity in the Piedmont of Georgia, USA.
L.T. West, University of Georgia, Maria E. Abreu, University of Georgia, David E. Radcliffe, University of Georgia, Miguel L. Cabrera, University of Georgia
Hydropedology in Action: Soil Changes After 40 Years of Wastewater Irrigation.
Charles Walker, The Pennsylvania State University, Hangsheng Lin, The Pennsylvania State University
Modeling Soil Hydraulic Properties as a Function of Morphological Features and Land use.
Xiaobo Zhou, Penn State Univ, Henry Lin, Penn State Univ, ED White, USDA-NRCS, John Chibirka, USDA-NRCS, Yuri K. Plowden, Natural Resources Conservation Service
Reduction of Iron Oxides in Wetland Soils.
Martin C. Rabenhorst, Univ of Maryland, Rebecca R. Blank, Univ of Maryland, Bruce R. James, Univ of Maryland
A Morphological Approach to Understanding Preferential Flow Using X-ray Computed Tomography and Image Analysis.
Sacha J. Mooney, Univ of Nottingham, Catherine Morris, Univ of Nottingham
Hydropedology, Geomorphology and Groundwater Processes Hold the Keys to Land Degradation - Case Studies in SW Victoria, Australia.
Richard MacEwan, Department of Primary Industries, Peter G. Dahlhaus, Univ of Ballarat, Jon Fawcett, Department of Primary Industries

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