Friday, 14 July 2006: 10:15 AM-12:15 PM
Convention Center, Exhibit Hall A, Theater 1, Second Floor
91: 1.0PA Multiscale Mapping of Soil Properties for Environmental Studies, Agriculture, and Decision-Making - Theater
Presiding:Ana Tarquis, Ciudad Universitaria
Convenors:Claudia Oleshko, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM)
Kevin McInnes, Texas A&M University
Chemical and Physical Degradation of Natural Soils in Northwestern Europe: Results of Large-Scale Regional Studies.
Galina Kashulina, Polar Alpine Botanical Garden Institute KSC RAS, Clemens Reimann, Geological Survey of Norway, Reijo Salminen, Geological Survey of Finland, Victor Chekushin, State Company Mineral, Igor Bogatyrev, State Company Mineral
Georeferenced System of Soil Quality Indicators for the Eastern Plains of Colombia.
Yolanda Rubiano, Centro Internacional de Agricultura Tropical CIAT
Geostatistical Modeling of Soil Environmental parametries.
Nguyen Chi Quang, National Economic University
The Dusty Trail to Digital Soil Survey in California.
David W. Howell, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, David W. Smith, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service
Standardized Variograms from Aerial Photographs for Kriging Soil Data.
Ruth Kerry, Department of Geography, Brigham Young University, Margaret A. Oliver, Department of Soil Science, Reading University
Copper Distribution in Agricultural Topsoils in the Northeast of Spain. Multivariate Geoestatistical Methods to Identify Spatial Variations.
Jose Antonio Rodriguez martin Sr., CIFOR INIA, Jose Manuel Grau Corbi Sr., CIFOR INIA, Manuel Lopez Arias Sr., INIA
An AHP Approach to Determining the Weights of Environmental Factors in Knowledge-Based Automatic Soil Mapping.
Xun Shi, Geography Department, Dartmouth College
A Neural Network Model to Map Spatial Variability of Field Capacity.
Marcos Bacis Ceddia, UFRRJ, Carlos Alberto Alves Varella, UFRRJ, Sidney Vieira, Instituto Agronômico, Francisco de Assis de Carvalho Pinto, UFV
Spatial and Temporal Monitoring of Water Flow Using 2d Electrical Resistivity Tomography in a Cultivated Soil : A Decimeter Scale Study.
Didier Michot, UMR «Sol, Agronomie, Spatialisation», Agrocampus - INRA
Assessment of Soil and Water Resources in the South Nile Valley, Egypt, Using Multi Sensors and Multi-Date Space Imageries.
Abd-Alaa Gad Abda-Alla Gad, National Authority for Remote Sensing and Space Sciences (NARSS), Rafa Ramadan Ali, Soils and Water Use Department,National Research Centre,Cairo,Egypt.

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