Friday, 14 July 2006: 3:30 PM-5:30 PM
Convention Center, Exhibit Hall A, Theater 3, Second Floor
110: 2.2B Adsorption Processes in Soils - Basis for Ecological Soil Functions - Theater II
Presiding:Martin Gerzabek, University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences
Convenor:Joseph Pignatello, Connecticut Agricultural Experiment
Soil Minerals – Computer Simulations of Sorption Properties.
Daniel Tunega, Dept for Environmental Research, Georg Haberhauer, Dept of Environmental Research, Hans Lischka, Inst for Theoretical Chemistry, Univ of Vienna, Martin H. Gerzabek, Inst for Soil Research, Univ of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences
Applicability of Pfeifer-Avnir fractal Method to Study Vapor Sorption of Organic Compounds on Soils.
Artem A. Mishchenko, Kazan State Univ, Vladimir A. Breus, Kazan State Univ, Sergey A. Neckludov, Kazan State Univ, Irina P. Breus, Kazan State Univ
The Forces, in Nanoscale, Involved in Adhesion of Soil Particles.
Fabio de L. Leite, Institute of Physics of São Carlos, University of São Paulo (USP), Paulo Sergio de P. Herrmann, Embrapa Agricultural Instrumentation, Ervino C. Ziemath, Physics Department, IGCE
Microstructural Porosity, Capillary Forces, and Long Term Retention in Soil Particles.
Yukiko O. Aochi, Univ. of CA Riverside, Walter Farmer, Univ. of CA Riverside
Sorption of Triazines and Trichloroethene to Homoionic Smectites.
Vaneet Aggarwal, Michigan State Univ, Hui Li, Michigan State Univ, David A. Laird, USDA-ARS, Stephen A. Boyd, Michigan State Univ, Cliff T. Johnston, Purdue Univ, Brian J. Teppen, Michigan State Univ
Sorption of a Hydrophilic Pesticide: Effects of Soil Water Content and Matric Potential.
Tyson E. Ochsner, USDA-ARS, Brandon M. Stephens, Dep. of Soil, Water, and Climate, Univ. of Minnesota, William C. Koskinen, USDA-ARS, Rai Kookana, CSIRO Land and Water
Effects of Kerogen Carbons on Extraction, Sorption Equilibrium and Kinetics of PAHs in Soils and Sediments.
Yong Ran, Guangzhou Inst of Geochemistry, Ke Sun, Guangzhou Inst of Geochemistry, Baoshan Xing, Dept of Plant, Soil, and Insect Sciences, Univ of Massachusetts, Peter Grathwohl, Center of Applied Geosciences, Univ of Tübingen
Ionic Strength-Induced Formation of Smectite Quasicrystals Enhances Nitroaromatic Compound Sorption.
Hui Li, Michigan State Univ, Brian Teppen, Michigan State Univ, David Laird, USDA-ARS, Cliff Johnston, Purdue Univ, Stephen A. Boyd, Michigan State Univ

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